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  1. DilL


    i'm not sure if anyone in lpc is that low of comb/stats but gl guys! hope to see some topics/videos in the near future
  2. DilL

    cwa 5v9 comeback vs Misfits

    no way lol wtf grats
  3. DilL

    HYDRA vs Intolerance [PREP] 2-1

    dragging a link of your website over the chat box instead of having an actual banner... i think i've seen it all now but grats on the action dudes
  4. DilL

    Which Clan?

    FOE and SUP both had a point in 2018 where they pulled 30s and both ended up coming out strong by the end of the year against their rivalries So ya, I'd say FOE and SUP
  5. DilL

    cwa 2v2 xLPC fullout winning signatures

    Both sigs look fucking sick
  6. ah yes, pkeru with the winning topic
  7. DilL

    Is God a sexual predator?

    you just got kyped so hard @RNG pls dont respond LOL
  8. DilL

    weekend Rampage Sunday vs. Xlpc scene

    ah ngl I miss the toxicity
  9. DilL

    weekend Rampage Sunday vs. Xlpc scene

    RP controlled most of the fights it seems like grats RP (formerly rampiss)!!
  10. and to think just 2 months ago, you guys were slumping to 30 pulls grats on a great pull and anniversary!
  11. DilL

    What happened to Vendetta?

    they reopened into XLPC as Rampage
  12. Looked like solid, clean fights Grats men. Make the move to klen