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  1. only way fi and rage has a chance at winning is if they have each other lmao n they still lost, gz apex
  2. XLPC Wilderness Clan of The Month Wilderness Team of The Month Points System How It Works: WCOTM is a competitive F2P incentive for XLPCs to further increase WILDERNESS activity by promoting daily action. WCOTM will work under a point-based system which will REQUIRE you to post topics for every wilderness event on Sharkbrew forums. Each topic constitutes points for the respective type of event. Points will be racked for ONLY wilderness action, clan wars will not be included and will not have its own bracket. On a week-to-week basis, W308 Mods and SB Staff will be keeping track of these points and whoever accumulates the most in the category will win the award for the month. **Important for teams below **We are currently trialing Teams. If we don't receive at least ONE topic from at least 3+ competitive teams in the first 2 weeks of release, then we will null WTOTM award and keep it only clan** A few examples of PAST signatures: Wilderness Scoring Verified Official Weekend Trips; +2 Points Weekend Clan Opt min; 20 Weekend Team Opt min; 10 Verified Unofficial Midweek Trips; +.5 Point Midweek Clan Opt min; 15 Midweek Team Opt min; 7 Verified Player Kill Run-In's (PKRI's); +1 Point PKRI Clan Opt min; 15 PKRI Team Opt min; 7 We would like to promote as much wilderness PVP activity as possible. Areas in the wilderness, along with PVP WORLD multi-based spots may constitute for points. Partially win or partially lose, we would like to see a spike in XLPC-based activity. For wilderness topics to attain verification, there must be evidence of action against well-established PURE XLPC clans/teams. This can be shown via screenshots & videos. You may only get 2 topics verified per day; ie 1) Midweek or Weekend AND 2) PKRI, one for EST and one for GMT. PKRI Rules You may only receive points for 2 set-up PKRIs verified per week. PKRIs vs the same clan will count once for the week to avoid farming for points. If a 3rd party crashes a set-up PKRI, crashers may receive allotted points given a proper topic. **For PKRI's, there MUST be evidence of action via logs or text against the established clan.** An example can be seen below: If failure to provide the evidence of action via logs or text against the established clan, then you will receive a deduction of -.5 in points. General Wilderness Rules 1 ) If a clan is seen and verified with the use of mains, their standings and current points will be deducted a subtraction dependent on the type of wildy event in points. If no topics are posted, clans may still dispute the use of mains during a PK trip. These can be disputed between ambassadors. 2 ) Teams AND Clans must PK in their own respective capes ACCORDING to what's posted in the list of current teams/clans in W308 discord. Failure to wear their own cape for a single instance during a trip will result in 0 points. If it can't be helped that another entity wears your cape for a duration of the fight, then that entity with YOUR capes will be receive the punishment if topic posted. Disputes Disputes may be done via forums, or Discord PM. They MUST have valid evidence behind claims and disputes using screenshots, videos, logs, etc. Disputes may only be made 12 hours after release of disputed topic. A dispute template will be provided. Tie-Breakers Because the chances of points being exactly the same are slim, we will only entertain a tie-breaker idea when the month ends. Tiebreakers will be decided between 308 staff.
  3. Thank you to @Lulufor providing the GFX for the winners. Any inquiries regarding GFX may reach out to him. Thank you to all clans and teams that participated! Thanks to all staff that helped organize this tourny as well. . . . . . . . . . . Astro 30v30 Bracket Blood Unit 15v15 Bracket Ranks may reach out to Dill for their GP prize in the coming weeks.
  4. DilL


    best of luck boys!
  5. i need this to happen! stop being stubborn and make it happen!!!!
  6. every clan who graced us with action (foe, ly, zenith) ty!!! supremacy is the best fucking pure clan ever
  7. the best pure clan alive!!!! happy 6 years to my tiger brothers and sisters ❤️
  8. lots of great action today. thanks for the fights zenith friends ❤️
  9. doesn't look like you won today, but nice effort. haven't seen a real topic from you in weeks, glad to see you're still on life support
  10. Today Supremacy set out with one goal in mind, to blow out the candles on Fatality's birthday and run away with their presents. Turns out, the presents were rune sets and Tyen's tears. And 90 Tigers did just that. 14 7 years of shit at it's finest. Ham's POV Jimmy Pov
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