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  1. DilL

    weekend Bad Timing Thursday Trip 3-0 PKRI vs Envy

    If this was a PKRI, provide the discord logs and change the prefix for the full points.
  2. DilL

    -Legion- Returning to free to play clanning!

    XLPC soft cap is 65 brother but good luck!
  3. DilL

    gl imt

    yeah dude you’re cringe
  4. I agree. XLPC was supposed to be a way to escape the toxicity/tanks in the LPC scene. I’m not asking IMT or NRG to drop their beef. I’m just asking them to come to an agreeement on having a main-free scene. and if there are tanks from 3rd parties then to have an agreement on dealing with them.
  5. DilL

    Apex Rank Meeting Colorized (2/18/19)

    it's fun watching these guys crumble
  6. yikes dude don't feel bad tho lolol