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  1. nerdy's sole purpose on this forum is to flame sup l0l i'm allowed to do the same when the chance arises i like apex, i don't like @Nerdy
  2. dude l0l why does nerdy sound like that LMFAOOO
  3. literally disgusting doxing clan i can't relate lmao
  4. again, tanner's recruits stick with tanner. you joined Edgi's cult of sandcrabbers and you'll forever be known as one. lmfao
  5. ??? everyone knows u as one of edgi’s tribe of bitches lmao
  6. "yOu cAn kEeP mAkInG pRopAgAnDa pOsTs" stfu lmfao. i killed your clan and there's nothing you can do about it.
  7. friends don't do friends like that. keep me out of it and i'll keep you out of it lmao
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