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  1. purple and has rage in it.. too similar to rage tbh, but good luck
  2. DilL

    [XLPC] Conquer 50-60 Combat

    gl ramie n co
  3. well written topic. good luck guys
  4. DilL

    Noxious | 40-60 CB xLPC | The Return Of The Alpha Males

    dude the slogan shouldve been "we progress while you regress" would've been sickkkkkkkk but nice gfx and gl!
  5. DilL

    [XLPC] Outbreak 40-60CB

    gl buds
  6. DilL

    cwa Final Ownage Elite vs Rage F2P Prep 2-1

    holy shit lmao good job foe
  7. at least ya gave us a warning
  8. DilL

    Dear CD #2

    maybe if u put all this energy in FS, you wouldnt have closed
  9. DilL

    How many mains were on today?

    this circulated even before trips began, thus caused a surplus of mains due to IR being complete idiots
  10. We literally took the most expensive golden shit on Runescape’s worst clan in pure history. Supremacy #1