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  1. anyone who buys from this retard is fucking dumb
  2. why did you pull 100 and avoid your rivals? lmfao these are all questions we wanna know. reply if you’re a fucking wimp btw
  3. i watched your dumbass leave your trip last week literally 26 minutes in. stfu and focus on how you can be active for your clan you stupid rat lmao
  4. lol at what your clan did on your rival's anni lmao
  5. yeah, you managed to run away from your rivals and have a 30 minute trip stfu lmfaooo you're embarrassing and disgusting of a leader
  6. imagine doing absolutely nothing with 100 people in your channel l0l you proud of beating 40 level 60's?
  7. supremacy-rs.com | "supremacy rs" cc | supremacy.verygames.net On the last F2P weekend trip of March, 64 Supremacy takes on Fatality in multiple 1v1's. With clever scim pushes and strategic bows, Supremacy takes W's all day against the green clan despite the multiple crash attempts by Rage. Unlike Rage, who spent their entire trip running from their rivals, Supremacy successfully remains the last clan standing on this very day! Grats to Supremacy, thank you to Fatality, and Happy Anniversary Foe. To begin our Saturday, we defended at East Bandits with 60 Tigers just as Fatality rushes with 50. We managed to take control of the fight, even clearing out 3 Fi kids with a single scim push. We smash Fi down to 40 opts just before Rage attempts to crash our fight. We take down the Garbage just before they scurry like rats away from FOE. For our second fight, we defend at p13s with Fatality rushing us from the east side of pond. They are taken down with ease back to 50 in game before Rage comes in to save them. FOE once again crashes the fight, causing Rage rats to scurry lol. We resume our fight at corp hill just before FOE could crash again. The last round against Fi was once again at P13's. We take them by surprise as they sat in P13's waiting for someone to take the bait. We demolish them down to 25 in game before they call it done in singles. Was ez. Thanks for the fights, Fi. Sikkoh Ham PeaceSeeker
  8. even when your own clan sits you, they still lose stay useless
  9. it's bad day to be rage bear lmfao
  10. supremacy-rs.com | "supremacy rs" cc | supremacy.verygames.net After making sick bank at Deep Wildy for an hour, Supremacy's #EST UNIT rallied our 16 troops with a single poke and came ready to battle some pures. For round 1 we surprised Irrelevant Outcasts at New Gate Hill and cleared them within minutes. And then for round 2, we caught them surrounding GDZ and cleared them with the quick 1-2 uppercut with ease. Thanks for the fights IO!
  11. BRO LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO great day to be rage huh
  12. good job to my buddies at LY HQ, cleaning up the garbage per usual
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