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  1. Nice to see you on F2P, Rev. Grats on your win.
  2. Very nice win, Tempest. Looks like you are improving. Grats
  3. Grats NP. You improved alot lately, PM Diogo for a fight against WL.
  4. We heard in the middle of the week that another cluster was going to happen this weekend, so we prepared to it. We started with low options, but we knew there was some people to join so we didn't worry about the initial numbers. We hoped world and saw the action starting and then we decided to attack our night target, The Rising. We started outnumbered by more than 10 people and it still didn't seem like it, our spam was bigger, our stack was stronger and this was made clear through each pille and spam. After a while we gained numbers and started to fight with the same numbers, after that we knew that if we did the basics, they would leave asap. An hour and a half passed and a desperate action by The Rising was to run to GDZ (we’ve seen this before with our brazilian friends) and start mass sniping, unfortunately for them we’re still smoking them, all their magers were already returning in hides and it just gave us more strength, because it showed how broken they were. After 30 minutes they decided to stop returning and gave us a victory. Good fight The Rising, maybe next time... Wilderland Starting: 96 Opts (32 TS) Wilderland Ending: 150~ Opts (46 TS) Fight pictures: Video:
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