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  1. I mean grats on your win but if it was matched u would of got smoked ( like the last 5 years )
  2. I love the ideas, does sound fun, especially the EU v NA events The team of the month - just same kids under different team alias' to compete, I miss the days clans would just mini but again that's probably because the state of the scene.. Its good to see all these event planned, the hard part is getting through some of these clans leaderships to actually take part. I can probably assume the PCL will only have select clans participating because of beef / rivals. All in All looks positive from your end, GJ Kim and Co.
  3. Clan Awards Best Cwa Clan: Unbreakable Best Overall Clan: Unbreakable Most Active Clan: Phoenix Clan With Most Stamina: Envy Most Improved Clan: AAO Most Honorable Clan: Imperial Most likely to be a meatshield: Foe Most likely to ally with mains in 2022: Supremacy Clan with most delusional members: Hydra Upcoming clan of 2022: Onslaught Team Awards Best Team: Octo Most Active Team: Octo Most Likely to Avoid: Knockout Upcoming Team of 2022: Apex Individual awards(1 vote per category) Best F2P Caller: Lord Ex Best P2P Caller: Hanuman Biggest One Bang: Pasco Biggest Vending Machine: Old Chub Best Leader: Salso Worst Leader: Sam Best P2P Warrior: Old Chub Best F2P Warrior: Gf Nerd Jeff Biggest Simp: Commander Nicest Member: Jackal Most Gullible: Chief Most likely to end up in jail: iHardcore Hardest Working Member: W0c Worst Member to Have: UB Snow Most Active Sharkbrew member: Scims Funniest Sharkbrew member: idk, depends on who's alliance is winning and seeing their status' Sharkbrew member with the worse banter: Infamous Jet aka Fudog Moderator Awards (1 vote per category.) Most hated Sharkbrew mod: Single Strip Most Biased Sharkbrew Mod: Delhi Best Babysitter: Delhi Favorite Sharkbrew Mod: Kim Best Sharkbrew Mod: Kim
  4. Clan Awards Best CWA Clan: DF, Rev Best Wilderness Clan: DF Best F2P Clan: Rev Best P2P Clan: DF Most Active Clan: DF Most likely to be a meatshield: Rot, Vr Most Victimized Clan: Vr Most Missed Clan: CT Clan With Most Stamina: DF Clan with most delusional members: Vr, Rot Most Improved Clan: Playdead Most Honorable Clan: DF Upcoming Clan of 2022: Playdead Individual Awards Best F2P Caller: Salso Best P2P Caller: Rob Best Tank: neB Best Mage: Rene Biggest 1-Bang: Sparze Best P2P Warrior: Rob Best F2P Warrior: Pem Best Highlight: Biggest Vending Machine: Sparze Best Personality: Rob Worse Personality: Sparze Funniest Member: Hanny Most Helpful: Alice / Ross Most Approachable: Ross Most Recognizable: Pem Most Improved: Badbad Most Outstanding Person: Piff Most Remarkable Newcomer: Hanny Most Influential: Alice Worse Member To Have: Moderator Awards Most Biased Sharkbrew Mod: slushpuppy Best Babysitter: Favorite Sharkbrew Mod: Kim
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