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  1. he been calling rot shit all day, needs punishing
  2. Opticals

    midweek Team Revolution slaps dogshit clans Ft. Foe & Apex

    wtf is this
  3. Opticals

    Fearless LPC - F2P Legacy Clan

  4. this looks like a dmk video from back in day
  5. Opticals

    Who are the best warrers rn?

    P2P 1. Apex 2. Fi 3, IR 4. Ly 5. fo 6. Su F2P 1. Apex 2. Su 3. fo 4. Ir 5. Fi 6. Ly
  6. Opticals

    Torture of ROT

    thanks for this cody, situation will be dealt with
  7. fo fucking sucks l00000l, do somethin

    1. Public Relations Pig

      Public Relations Pig

      Been asking apex the same thing since January 😬

  8. Opticals

    Torture of ROT

    kill al newfags and doxers in fo and glory hunters then cleanse supwemacy
  9. Opticals

    Torture of ROT

    kill the cancer (stinky dox nh clan fo)
  10. nice action! OT: Spoke to a few fi lads, said this was fake news?
  11. oh my goodness.. this rivalry just got heated real fucking fast!
  12. Opticals

    weekend Detrimental making easy cash at revs

    nice lads
  13. Opticals

    xLPC Weekend Recap

    go lpc
  14. Happy fucking birthday dogs


    1. Mustafa


      show ur cape counter bro

    2. 13 Defence

      13 Defence

      Its obvious cape counter doesn't mean a whole lot @Mustafai mean you had what like 80 today, and still couldn't take a dominant stance up 15-30 depending on when you rushed. :L

    3. Mustafa


      Idk bro our vid clearly shows us clearing u off The map 1v1 at gdz, u cant hide behind rot forever btw

  15. Unban me from discord please, thank you

  16. Opticals

    lol ly

    l0l ly got finessed, retards l0l
  17. What the fuck are you gonna do against 50 Sharks?

  18. dogfo clan will never prep Apex l0l

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    2. Tyga
    3. Public Relations Pig

      Public Relations Pig

      y fopticals disconnect from sharkbrew discord

    4. Lemons


      oh, how sad it is to see my boy Jordan in asspex :(

  19. Opticals

    Day 1: u r alrdy avoiding lmfao

    your life must be shit if your making topics about how u cleared someone on a runescape community discord
  20. In light of everything, people breaking, and the poor decisions of the rank leadership I have kept my big mouth to a minimum but what really stands out to me is member name @karanlil. The fact you're leaving foe for the only reason some random who doesnt even know your kid flames you and you break after one comment is purely sad. I've been flamed about my daughter and the imaginary 3 kids I have for the past year and a half by eop. Did it once effect me? No. Lmao but the fact you break after that. Shows how much of a loser and insecure these kids are. Stay strong boys and girl.

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    2. Logic
    3. 'Jamie


      Instead of trying to talk to the guy about reconsidering you're flaming some poor guy out of your clan because he doesn't wanna tolerate the bullshit your clan has been put through lmfao, jesus christ get a grip you fucking losers. I'll setup your intervention for you, clearly this game has become an addiction for you.

    4. Marko


      i bullied kyranlil out of fo with 1 sentence xaxaxaxaxaxaxa