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  1. the fuck is just listened l000l imagine being in soup and believing this shit
  2. I really laugh my ass off listening to this.. So fucking good, thanks for making my day.
  3. this reply shows again how clueless you are. Doom closed 3 times. i dont remember why they closed the first or the second one but control/tbr closed doom the last time. Anyways i dont have time to shit chat, keep spreading ur propaganda and have a nice day
  4. Not crying these are the facts. Btw u have bad intel, i wasn't in doom when they closed but nice try. I quit my clanning after rage closed
  5. It's always been like this with supremacy, once they start to lose/pull less , they're going to bring mains and trying to claim fake wins. Anyways looks like u still shit on them. gratz Rage bears
  6. Hello! Welcome to sharkbrew
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