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  1. Join Rage for a way out 🐻

  2. sup is nowhere to be found is wonder why. Rage wins again shitters
  3. keep lying to ur members this wont save ur clan. Fucking rats you are nothing without ly & mains
  4. The alliance is broken crumble crumble sup forever below us
  5. l0000000l soup thought ly will come and save them but ly didnt come 💔
  6. I killed yellow piss clan, also their boyfriends ly and there is nothing you can do about it. Know your place dogs
  7. lmfao was easy btw rage on top🐻

  8. I died only twice and gained tons of rune sets & addy arrows thanks for that was easy 3v1 np we like competition
  9. you didnt even pull 77 you spastic. keep telling urself that u won sup is dogshit
  10. l000l know your place sup rage on top baby
  11. sup you just got railed lmfao take another L
  12. ah yes it feels good to be a strong 🐻
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