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  1. the rumour is foe didnt end and still running laps
  2. l000l u already had 4 clans wearing ur cape. So what u gonna call 5th and 6th as well?
  3. Another saturday and another win for bear clan. Good fight. First 2 hours foe was running laps as usual untill shit clans like sup and ly ended and put foes cape on trying to help them. Oh almost forgot dojo and sv was also aiding them xD 5 clans in 1 cape and still no win, thats unfortunate gratz big bear clan
  4. That's why rw always hit pure clans because they can't handle their own bracket. gratz veng looked easy as fuck
  5. Very intense prep, really nice pulls from both clans. Good fight Fatality
  6. lmfao rage wins again ly couldnt couldn't save u
  7. no one gives a fuck about you or your so called "banter" topics. You are the clown of the community lmao
  8. Damn ur so dumb, no wonder you're in ly . Let me try to explain it to you how to see pictures in topics ; Click on reveal hidden content and magic will happen
  9. cba to take screenshot of the mains but u do what u have to do.
  10. l000l u had mains + ly had 20 + mains also shitpremacy was focusing us and we still dicked u
  11. Literally every clan used mains, ly started with 20+ mains . Why u crying
  12. Anti Rage dead very bad attempts to team on us 140 rage vs 110 ly, 100 foe & 40 shitpremacy (who even wore ly & foe capes) wasn't hard at all kyp retards
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