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  1. U left before we did and we was left fighting rot 1v1? How can u claim a "win" LOL?
  2. Have more respect and stop bringing past clans into this as its nothing to do with either of those. RIP Cubie you was an amazing member in CD and I hope this guy gets banned from every clan he tries to join.. If not CD will be coming.
  3. He probably saw how many CD are signed up to kill his clan and decided to post this lol.
  4. I expected much better tbh.. although reading through some of it made me laugh again. Shame u cut out most of the funnier stuff that was said.
  5. Lmao u killed 3 guys who was on a 10 man pk trip.. grats! Soon ended once we massed up lol. Oh and btw we pked for 3 hours after and u didn't hit us after that.. I wonder why lol.
  6. Your clan put Satan's irl on your topic. If you don't believe it ill happily show u proof. No amount of apologies will stop CD from camping you next weekend. You lost last night and everyone saw you lose so get over it lol.
  7. Wonder where they would be now if they didn't interfere with our rivalry.. You chose the wrong clan to mess with.
  8. U talk about members leaving yet we stay consistent with our pulls and you use to pull the same as us now you can barely scrap 50-60. Keep being angry that we reduced your clan to these pulls and half your members joined us lol.
  9. Most Active - Most Friendly Pure Clan After making FOE regret the 7 hours they sat in their chairs for, on Monday, we were ready to do the same to LY today. Sadly, they didn't even make it to the 1 hour mark before they tapped out. We had intel that LY was prepared to shut down any revs trips we had today (see pic below), so we baited them out with 15 people. After taking the bait, we massed up over 40 men and absolutely slaughtered them for 45~ minutes while they returned strictly on mains lmfao. We have forced any pure clan that rivals us to use mains, because no clan can compete with us pure v pure. Feels good to be Zenith.
  10. Quality members? You want to know what quality members are? Those are the members who return and still come out on top when they're faced against a merged CC of a pure clan and a main clan. If any old school foe saw you trying to pull out that shit (and still lose btw) they would be ashamed of what that clan has become. Your crap 10 man 1 item fake ending with nothing on the floor because the fight was over before that isnt enough for you to claim anything sadly. What a trash clan you have become. Literally teaming with mains and anything you can with ly members also in there to fight another pure clan. 15 years and your clans legacy going down the drain because your leaders cant take a simple loss.
  11. Most active clan in the game inside ALL time zones. https://zenith-rs.com/community/index.php?/forum/18-zenith-event-aftermath/
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