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  1. Low energy, low IQ, and high cholesterol are the first things that come to my head when I listen to these rookies attempt to lead a trip. It's been awhile since I've seen a clan this dependent on mains and teaming but it sure is entertaining. Just listen to how completely broken they have became only within a few weeks of us giving it our 50%. Imagine coming online to listen to a bunch of low tier groupies cry at you because you aren't logged into your main just to bank stand for 30 minutes and end. Anyone with ears can tell that their leader "Abe of Ham" clearly doesn't want to be there. Notice how stressed out he gets when he realizes FI isn't helping them LOL. Don't expect this to end because we will continue to humiliate you at every given opportunity. YOU WILL NEVER BEAT FOE @Rage
  2. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord Saturday, 22nd February: Final Ownage Elite massed up 90 elites later peaking at 100. After last Saturday, it was made very clear that Rage were dead set on using NH methods in a futile attempt to claim a win over Final Ownage Elite. We received intel that Rage reached out to various main clans for our pending fight this Saturday and we sounded the horns to prepare battle. We were fully prepared to fight 100 mains and 100 pures today, but we were exceedingly disappointed again with our enemies. Rage were able to gather 150 people with multiple clans hiding in their team capes, but it wasn't enough in the slightest. We took the fight down opts knowing full well Rage were too weak to keep up their numbers. After a 30 minute cluster, Rage began to break and dropped to 50 pures on the cape counter then fled north to get a regroup. They swiftly realized they had no chance of winning and moved away from the fight leaving FOE as the remaining victor. Final Ownage Elite still on the prowl followed Rage to barbarian village and exposed them in singles once again avoiding FOE. Today was easier than expected with the entirety of Final Ownage Elite encouraging a 4+ hour return fight, but sadly being let down to a weak clan with a weak mentality ending in under an hour. This is what happens when you try to overstep your boundaries Final Ownage Elite will fucking demolish you ~Real Me ~Nando ~K2P ~Cody ~Brian
  3. https://gyazo.com/c46880b8f3e80b51bbfcf014c684edaa
  4. Rage taking L's everyday now. 
    Wonder how the spineless leadership over at Rage HQ is going to respond to people giving the Bears a constant fist-fucking.

  5. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord Saturday, 15th February: Final Ownage Elite massed up 80 elites later peaking at 92. We were informed Rage were planning to use NH tactics in attempts to dethrone us. FOE knew full well a cheap attempt was inevitable and we prepared to be hit any moment by multiple clans. Our readiness left us at no shock when we saw the Anti-FOE alliance rush our fall-in. As to no surprise Rage and Fatality would support each other while trying to dismantle FOE. After only 30 minutes, FOE easily removed Fatality from the fight, we fought with all our heart and in a long and well-endured battle, FOE held their ground and dismantled the 1v2 war, leaving only Rage as opponents. FOE pushed the fight to corp cave and baited Rage into a cycle war. After an hour of constant pressure from Final Ownage Elite, Rage realized they weren't going to win this battle and quickly ran to singles to regroup. We continued the onslaught in singles killing all of their pures showcasing why FOE is the single strongest pure clan on the face of the earth. In an effortless display, Final Ownage Elite pushed Rage to fog and began to annihilate the enemy oppositions. The fight sparked into a cluster and FOE took the opportunity to showcase our superior quality to the rest of the pure community. After only 4 hours of easily destroying Rage, they booked it north in an effort to end the fight. We took the opportunity to finish this dogshit clan and soon hit 90 on the cape counter, Rage would swiftly be dismantled to 19 pures and disbursed to end their trip. We ended the day, once again, as the last pure clan in wilderness further proving that we are the strongest. We are ready for this again tomorrow and this time it will be even easier. We Will NEVER Fucking Break. ~Erik ~K2P ~Real Me ~NFNC ~King Jofrrey ~Isaak ~Jordai
  6. Truly pathetic results from RAGE clan today. We offered good clean pure fights to start the trip off, but that idea quickly dissolved as RAGE decided to rush FOE with mains + a main clan in their cape. No matter how many mains you bring, no matter how many clans you team with, no matter how many opts you may come up in a fight. YOU WILL NOT OUTLAST US. GET THIS THROUGH YOUR HEAD. We have been doing this shit longer than you have been in a clan, you are not strong, you are not special, you are just another victim. Know Your Place Rats
  7. Please remind me why RAGE is labeled as LPC when their ranks tell members to logoff their pures and focus primarily on their main accounts. Somebody needs to remind RAGE who they're dealing with, mains will only make us stronger. Get that through your head.

  8. Fudog was busy with accomplishing IRL goals while he had full faith in his clan accomplishing in-game goals. A feeling that you will never experience.
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