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  1. you got time to write a topic but not train ur acc?
  2. Old Friends

    Reign of trash

  3. Old Friends

    Which football team is supremacy?

    the Falcons
  4. Old Friends

    -Legion- Returning to free to play clanning!

    gl man!
  5. those 3-way clusters were fun! gf bros
  6. Old Friends

    weekend DETRIMENTAL SUNDAY 10.02.19

    i honestly thought this was ur sig
  7. Old Friends

    Sunday: 2k Sweep ft. RoT/CT ended in 2k.

    looked fun. gz
  8. Old Friends

    20 def movement?

    We accept 20 defence like most of the other clans but we are mainly 1 defence.
  9. Old Friends

    Apex Hosting