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  1. Rage massed up to watch us do inners. Honestly respect for watching a better clan and trying to learn something.

    1. BvG


      Just had a drop party with the 90m your clan donated by pussying out of the prep!

    2. Old Friends

      Old Friends

      did you learn something at our inners today? We can go over notes if you're serious about improving ur clan

    3. Greuter


      why do inners when you dont even prep?

  2. whats the prep record vs foe again? lmfao
  3. "we'll return the favour tomorrow" LOOOOOL was that a nox spam?
  4. ah yes the monthly topic about us avoiding when rage havent fought us 1v1 in the wilderness for 3 months. KEKW
  5. hopefully they'll give us another prep b4 they close
  6. ah yes i do remember baiting the fuck outta rage l0000l fight back next weekend u dogs
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