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  1. Dynamic

    How many mains were on today?

    Way too fucking many lol. Could've been a great weekend because foe+sup+ir all had 100-130 pures but it was another waste of time for 400 ish people.
  2. competition for foe would be nice, ir pulls so inconsistent idk wtf is going on there
  3. Dynamic

    weekend #1 P2P SUNDAY: 100 ELITES KILL Fatality

    fun cluster
  4. Dynamic

    weekend Legacy F2P Saturday: Continuing The Torture For CD

    thought u were after fi?
  5. Forum voor Democratie

  6. Dynamic

    Biggest Joke of 2019

    Killing 10 people who suck at tanking in a gwas and teleporting out afterwards = big own
  7. Dynamic

    weekend Fatality 13 Year Anniversary P2P Trip

    nice trip and pull shame legacy didnt even come close to matching it
  8. Dynamic

    Congrats fi on this weekend

    factual facts
  9. thats fked, i assume its for cd but its not fi's fault that cd is involved i guess
  10. Unbiased; this saturday was irrelevant due to all the cancerous circumstances(mains, cd going in fi capes) and I bet neither clan is happy with the result. Obviously fi "won" as it was a 2v1 but most ppl in fi prefer clean action instead of this shit. Ur pull is really impressive tho, i care more about what happens next weeks as tomorrow will probably be the same disappointment as today. Hopefully it will go back to clean action after sign-up/anni shit is done.
  11. playoffs with top 4 would be cool(assuming all 9 lpcs enter)
  12. Dynamic

    yo sharkbrew staff

    would rather see 300v300 wildy fullout with all clans, clan wars tournament aint gonna happen in 2019
  13. Foe+Legacy+Sup+rage vs IR+fi+apex+cd+fearless p2p+f2p wildy fullouts pls lets have some fun together

    1. Proccy


      CD wont participate unless they can bring mains

    2. K0nt


      would be fun

    3. Sliq


      Apex would lose in 5 min of it starting and wont return

  14. Dynamic


    [email protected] trying to impact the fight with a 25 man crash just to get turned on and cleared in 1 second