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  1. Dynamic

    Danny's Secret Weapon

    i agree ur weekend pulls are depressing
  2. Dynamic

    Regarding foe/rot situation

    rot is just here to balance the clanning scene, foe still has +20 on everyone atm
  3. Dynamic

    Nawe wins again

    why do people keep bringing shit like this up when literally every clan would accept mass-applications from a closing clan, stop with this bullshit lmfao funny as fuck that its coming from an apex member too jesus christ
  4. Dynamic

    Fearless LPC - F2P Legacy Clan

    gl y'all, summer is going to be great for lpc
  5. Dynamic

    Torture of ROT

    lmao be real and just say keep going until foe pulls 60 so apex stands a chance again
  6. Dynamic

    Torture of ROT

    someone had to even out the clan scene after apex failed miserably to compete with foe
  7. nice pull good to see a new clan actually do well and not close within 2 weeks
  8. fi always had a big f2p-p2p pull gap anyway cool new rivalry im rooting for big green clan
  9. Dynamic

    bring back hpc

    why tho, pre-eoc you got turmoil and shit but on osrs you dont gain anything from the def levels that makes it worthwile
  10. apex the only clan to get cleared in 3 minutes in a wildy fullout lmfao
  11. foe needed some competition after apex terribly failed this year so it'll be good for the trips
  12. i got massrecruited by plague of pures in 2011 or something, people look down on clans who massrecruit edge pkers/ppl at sandcrabs etc but its so important
  13. imagine getting rushed while trying to take a fake ending pic X D