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  1. i got massrecruited by plague of pures in 2011 or something, people look down on clans who massrecruit edge pkers/ppl at sandcrabs etc but its so important
  2. imagine getting rushed while trying to take a fake ending pic X D
  3. L M F A O


    Even though we were down opts against FOE, we were not afraid to fight them at the infamous Dark Knight's Fortress.  We were able to maneuver up and down the ladders significantly dropping their opts.  Tired of dying, they decided to call it quits with more than 60 Apex still in game.



    1. pooly



  4. Dynamic

    Apex is done (audio leak)

    same and it was to mains/zerks yikes
  5. looking forward to the main free weekend



  6. Dynamic

    A Step in the Right Direction

    Even if the leadership takes no mains there will probably be retarded individuals who multilog on a main for fun which will cause others to do the same. I hope it will at least improve the situation.
  7. Dynamic

    Why do we clan?

    I don't mind people being toxic but action starving and mains shouldn't be part of clanning, everyone agrees but nothing is changing unfortunately
  8. Dynamic

    lpc Legacy ~ LPC ~ Legends Never Die

  9. there were only like 150 mains from apex and foe combined last saturday, its not that bad X D
  10. waiting for apex povs that cut off mid fight while down 50

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    2. H I T T A

      H I T T A

      Lol you guys must have all the time in the world to play runescape if you think anyone cares about a return fight. Maybe instead of nox screaming return over and over he should tell his members to eat lmfao. how yall lose 80 opts in 10 minutes?

    3. Down Opts
    4. Maxx


      "cares about return fight" when did u start clanning bro 

  11. Dynamic


    couldnt maintain 30 on the cape counter for 2 hours straight but have aftermath picture with 114 eksdee
  12. yikes, u should probably not leak any more stuff
  13. Dynamic

    Give your core members what they want @FO HQ

    preps dont require skill so who cares, suiciding with a crystal bow and sharks is what clanning is about