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  1. ima say the odds are heavily in foe's favor
  2. are u aware that kg had 70 mains in foe capes on ur 14 year ani? don't use that as an excuse to start a main war i hope itll be a clean rivalry too
  3. The second rot logged in u ran to the bank and ended ur trip, they were not at the fight til the very end. What even is the point of logging 20+ mains if ur not intending to fight rot with them? Something seems off init
  4. rage bullied into using runite armor accounts to not get full cleared lmao
  5. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord Saturday, October 17th: Final Ownage Elite massed up 61 Elites for our scheduled F2P Trip. With multiple clans pulling similar opts we were eager to get a fight. The trip started with a quick fight vs Legacy down 15 at Bandits. After holding our ground for a few minutes and bringing it close (only down 5) it was crashed by Rage, Fatality and mains. We grabbed a quick regroup and approached Legacy for another fight. Knowing we were down opts we knew we had to perform. The fight went on for close to 15 minutes starting from CA and branching Southwest against the lava. Focusing there members who consistently over pushed on their scim pushes allowed us to get easy bangs and stay in the fight. Eventually, it was hit by other clans and turned into a cluster. The trip concluded with Final Ownage Elite taking Rage on a trip down memory lane. After completing decimating their clan months back we knew they didn't have what it takes to 1v1 us. It was evident after several minutes of complete domination that they were demoralized which resulted in them only having 30 in game. After they couldn't get a grip on the fast lead Foe had they called off returns and ended their trip. Know your fucking place Rage. ~swip ~erik ~kaz ~jkh ~pete
  6. They crashed at the very end, you had 20+ mains before rot was there
  7. rage logging in 20 mains for a capecounter ss after getting smoked matched pure v pure, nothing new
  8. ur almost a better troll than the rubik guy ngl
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