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  1. the wildy part of ur pov is only 3 minutes too so our trips were identical in terms of action. we had 40v40 inners instead of ft100s.
  2. Controlling the entire wilderness is decent fun
  3. In a rivalry probably not, i do remember giving rage a lot of 70-75 v 90 fights late 2019 before we had a rivalry. We would give legacy and zenith fights if we only had 80-85 today I reckon.
  4. don't say all clans lol sup apex and fi were still out but you couldnt hit them because ur getting bullied by foe every weekend
  5. was good action, sadly no clan could gather enough to crash and give apex something to ac
  6. i highly doubt we will handpick 30ppl for the f2p against apex, I'm expecting a 55v55+. Maybe in p2p we will only allow people who came to inners recently or something along those lines.
  7. Well I don't have rank intel, but I don't see foe ever avoiding a f2p prep against zenith/ly/fi/supremacy as long as it's like 40v40 min. Zenith situation was different, we both had like 60 and when we got told it was a ft100 instead of knockout everyone got mad because doing a boring ft100 with high opts would be a waste, but obviously knockout would have been unfair as zenith brought low levels too so we shoulda just done a ft100. Rage however, I could see rage asking for 30v30 min and danny only accepting if it's 50v50 min because rage can 100% pull that, maybe even more. 30v30 preps are more random, and clearly beneficial to rage as foe has a much larger core. Foe accepting a 30v30 and losing it could give rage a small window to get back into the rivalry as they are losing hard on all other fronts. It's also annoying to do 30v30 min if we pull 60. If rage has asked foe for 50v50 preps and foe declined then I'd totally disagree with foe leadership decisions there.
  8. Apex is the only clan that does f2p preps against us, that makes very little sense
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