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  1. Probably not so you might as well try to take them down in the wildy if u wanna have an impact
  2. I miss this, clans with terrible intel and poor leadership can still do w/e they want because you can just tele out. Weekend trips are so fucking irrelevant maybe once a month there's an actual meaningful fight
  3. I think you accidentally posted this in the pure community boards
  4. did u guys really just edge 1v1 with crystal bows for 14 hours
  5. Way too fucking many lol. Could've been a great weekend because foe+sup+ir all had 100-130 pures but it was another waste of time for 400 ish people.
  6. competition for foe would be nice, ir pulls so inconsistent idk wtf is going on there
  7. Forum voor Democratie

  8. Killing 10 people who suck at tanking in a gwas and teleporting out afterwards = big own
  9. nice trip and pull shame legacy didnt even come close to matching it
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