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  1. I think u were down maybe 5 at the start of the trip, could have had a 1v1 there init
  2. Anything that's not falador will do
  3. Propaganda this bad and unbelievable is only gonna make their members cringe and consider leaving
  4. kinda retarded to bring mains and ruin your reputation even more when they don't even impact the fights at all. just take an L without mains and we woulda been nicer
  5. they knew there's no point in doing a return fight against foe and wanted to go back to hitting 10 man teams with their 40 ppl, understandable
  6. foe vs apex b2b wildy fullouts obviously
  7. i hope the average rage member has a higher iq than rubik

  8. dicked rage in a 1v1 twice until they started fighting supremacy in single/ditch with 30 multilogged mains, thats a #1 for foe imo
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