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  1. unbiased onion foe targeted rage as much as ly dont pretend like its ly vs world
  2. gf i hope this is a step in the right direction to revive clan wars
  3. foe will have to punish af/rev dogs again this weekend smh
  4. Being the last clan to hit a cluster doesn't mean u just beat all clans fyi, hard to say who is #1 in this boneyard hit and run shit we been doing last trips
  5. Looks like a giant cancer fest with a lot of single hugging/CD being fucking retards/legacy teaming with sup so ima give rage the W here because it looks like they performed better and would win an actual fight if there was one.
  6. has there been a main free saturday tho
  7. unbiased opinion This rivalry will probably never go to clanwars. Supremacy performs better on saturdays, rage better on sundays. I don't see supremacy beating rage on sundays, I do think rage can beat supremacy on saturdays because they pull more, but this is most likely retaliated with supremacy mains. If saturdays are matched and no mains supremacy wins. Clan wars f2p sup will win, p2p i have no idea.
  8. i do in fact like it when rival clans actually fight eachother
  9. when is rage vs sup fullout happening?

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    2. Kim


      3-0 in clan wars already. I doubt Rage can pull 100 to a fullout. 

    3. ┣┫_88


      oMg sUp WiLl LeAk oUr fIrSt PiLe

    4. ┣┫_88


      they won't prep sup because sup has better prep callers, and better individual skill among their players. prove me wrong and accept prep 🤣

  10. u guys should find a different hobby imo
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