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  1. should be in the pure section because foe definitely cleared rev+af+df there 1 person vs 150
  2. last time i checked we pulled 100 and rev massed up 13 mains just to cancel and not even touch us l0l stay ez
  3. U had 1 weekend trip over the last 8 months where u actually did well against foe (trip where u brought 80+ mains and we didn't prep any)
  4. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord Saturday, July 1st: Final Ownage Elite massed up over 100+ Elites and absolutely steamrolled anything on sight. After being bombarded with empty threats from no name main clans (revenant), we quickly rallied up the troops to make a statement this weekend. How fucking humiliating to actually be put in your place by a 1-25 defense pure clan. We were expecting Revenant to make an appearance today to back up their threats but we were disappointed when we were informed they could not get over 25+ people even though they prep'd over a week for this. They attempted to hit our first fight vs Z but were fully cleared within literal seconds, ending shortly after. Regardless we made an impact on the entire scene once more. We were able to fight Zenith in a clean 100v100 uncrashed fight where we came out on top, barely even dropping 10 people the entire fight. As for the remainder of the trip we chased around baby clans ending their fights with just the click of a button. Looks like there was lots of talk about FOE this week only to be silenced by the greatest to ever do it. All bark no bite. Winners win (again). ~Cardi ft. audio ~Dean ~Erik ~malo
  5. bullied out of the main scene then bullied by pures in mithril l00000000000l
  6. nobody got doxed stop crying because we killed ur clan pre-doxing is a meme from rev, notice it was said 2 days after this video was uploaded and the pre dox meme was relevant
  7. Foe is the best wildy clan but zenith and ly are pulling huge now since they have a rivalry. Pull wise Z>Ly>foe>rage>fi/apex/exodus>supremacy P2P CW is hard to say, Apex is #1 by far. Foe is probably #2, fi might have caught up but we need more recent outcomes. Ly and Rage are prob slightly below that. Any of those 4 clans can beat eachother on a good day, really just need more preps to see where we are at. F2P CW Foe is 3-1 vs apex and 1-1 vs rage and rage is like 4-10 against apex, that said i think any of these 3 clans can win from eachother all preps are insanely close. Fi is probably slightly below those 3 but once again we need more preps. Everyone says they have the best community so its up to u to find out lol. Most clans have done nh shit so i wouldnt pay attention to that. Rage and ly are the reason mains are so prevalent currently, i think everyone can agree on that. They are basically on the losing side of their rivalry so they have to bring mains or avoid completely.
  8. yea thats the funniest part, instead of fighting sv themself they beef with a pure clan that has like 8 sv members
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