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  1. looks like months later this rivalry is still toxic cancer full of mains
  2. 2010-2011, gimme chaotics steel titans and all that shit
  3. Dynamic

    In all honestly

    2018 where wildy is irrelevant cuz mains and clans dont prep eachother
  4. imagine being an adult and taking a video game this seriously jesus christ
  5. Dynamic

    Fixing clanning

    or we just move to clanwars, wildy is irrelevant now anyway
  6. lots of runite equipment to be seen in those pictures unfortunantely
  7. correct me if wrong but the only thing interesting about lpc is foe vs apex doing a p2p prep or any clans having a fullout and neither has happened for like half a year or will happen in the near future

  8. Dynamic

    lol world championship

    rookie too good
  9. Dynamic

    How bad is it?

    yea i agree being clanless is most fun in 2018
  10. Yea weird because the osrs playerbase tripled since 2014 and clans still pull similar numbers iirc. I wish jagex gave us some support, I feel like preps could very well be a small eSport sort of thing. Imagine if Jagex hosted a pure clan wars tournament like on a saturday once a month where clans play through a bracket over one night and the winners get points on some sort of ladder system or whatever. If they stream something like this I'm sure it would get some viewers which could motivate people to look for a clan or even start new clans etc. So much wasted potential.
  11. Dynamic

    Calling ALL Ex-FI (FI Closure January 2k19)

    yea what are u trying to say? i think the majority of us thought it was a bad decision that didnt really make sense
  12. Dynamic

    Calling ALL Ex-FI (FI Closure January 2k19)

    sad if true but seems more like an attempt to get hype again as starting a rivalry with ir for no reason didnt work
  13. Dynamic

    It’s over EOP

    it was the other way around a few weeks ago so lets see if eop slumps and closes or bounces back
  14. Dynamic

    Clan strength comparison this year

    P2P 1 Apex 2 foe 3 eop 4 fi 5 sup 6 ir 7 mf F2P 1 foe 2 sup/apex 3 eop 4 ir/fi
  15. they will join ir so intense eruption can go for round 2 with foe