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  1. we won't off btw cu this weekend rage

  2. Rage got bullied from multi to single, then from single to clanwars and took a 0-2 L in clanwars too LOL

  3. Rage can never beat foe, they can only get a capecounter screenshot with an entire main clan aiding them. Once they left we took control and broke all ur fragile members.
  4. How? We had main free action for months. Once it became a rivalry they started bringing them and we didn't even retaliate with mains until they started bringing 30+
  5. i highly doubt anyone thinks we are trying to play the dirty game as we haven't lost pure vs pure once, but hey if you wanna log in with 90 pures and 50 mains while we have no mains we'll beat you at this too.
  6. nJolppG.png

    How many more mains does it take for rage to be banned from any sharkbrew related pure leagues/tournaments?

    1. Trav


       nah m8 a main clan came and saw where we were fighting on the sb discord. Can't fault us for them coming in our capes when we told them not to. Looks like Rage won again tho gz rage

  7. no one cares about screenshots 30 minutes in tbh
  8. rage mental has been shit ever since the 13 hour rag war l0l
  9. having a person from a different clan that found the loc on sharkbrew discord in our cape does not mean we are teaming with an entire clan dumbass
  10. another day another W for foe

  11. u should have seen ur desperate clanmates cheerleading in the portal lmao
  12. so you guys can do f2p wildy without mains, why not on saturdays too? would be much more fun for everyone
  13. 100v100 f2p fullout lets get it
  14. Last weekend foe had to 1v2 rage+fi+20 ish rage mains, we returned in multi for 2 hours with little to no mains the entire fight. This weekend foe and ly focus rage and rage decide to hug singles with 55 mains and cry about us teaming. This is why rage is closing and no one will care or remember them for anything but being beta bitches.
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