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  1. while paying EZ to help is cringe, fi shoulda still taken the 1v2 at gdz and try to outlast because they had +20
  2. all u have is screenshots where half the minimap is white dots?
  3. kinda expected considering we lost half our core but nice win nontheless
  4. its not like apex/sup/cd are gonna stop coming if zenith tells them to, i doubt any of those clans give a fuck about zenith its more so that they want to fuck over fi hoping to see this fullout though, been a while since we have seen a 1v1 fullout
  5. we are pretty much matched with apex in wildy rn, what are u waiting for?
  6. i think the 5/6 people that went to the fight ragged the foe ppl that joined fi, we dont care about the outcome of the fight at all
  7. fighting multiple clans at once is all we've done the past 2 years stop crying lmao
  8. they are never going to give you free hype, no point in asking a wildy clan for fullouts you beat wildy clans in the wilderness
  9. cant tell if zenith r trolling or if they actually think they played a part in our slump(where we still pull 70-80 lmao)
  10. zenith has nothing to do with it though
  11. While we rivaled rage and you rivaled legacy we kinda avoided eachother because we were too busy with our own rivalries but foe was definitely stronger than zenith for the first 5-6 months of 2020. Pretty sure we asked for gdz fights most of those weekends but you always just hunt ly and end when they are done because you drop opts.
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