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  1. 8pint


    honestly idk why you would leave the 'lower-tier' LPC bracket (which has tons of clean action) to compete in a mains-infested crash fest gl i guess
  2. 1 March 2020 - Fatality rank 'Steve' threatens to ddos a number of Kittygamers members. Kg responds by crashing Fi trips and midweeks for months on end, releasing their demoralised audio on a weekly basis. 18 April 2020 - Fatality rank 'Roman' doxes multiple Kg members, Kg continues to respond in game. 16/17 May 2020 - Kittygamers makes history by ending Fatality on their anniversary in both servers (0 aftermaths), and leaks Fi rank discussions regarding closure. 17 June 2020 - Fatality relents after months of abuse and bends the knee to Kittygamers. Justice served, history made.
  3. Tyendinaga25/05/2020
    foe wouldnt dare give us a 30v30 f2p they stopped asking as soon as we starting performing decently


  4. Fi really can't stop losing LOL Happy Memorial Day @Tyendinaga
  5. 0 aftermaths

    0 povs

    2 audio leaks

    another successful weekend for Fi 😹

  6. only thing worse than Fi's quality is their horrendous propaganda embarrassing from any clan, let alone a 'legacy' clan
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