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  1. 15 year old clan that brings mains because they got owned by 1 year old clan, couldn't be me
  2. Thank for the props lil guy, but until your pimpsqueek leaders accept a battle request I don't want to see you in my hood again
  3. Rage is number Juan, this is why fo won't prep the almighty Rage
  4. The almighty Rage

  5. hahaha u dumb cockweasel, your clan got puffed by the almighty Rage. You swung first and got dropped!
  6. Our unofficial Monday had a higher pull than sups Sunday trip LMFAO
  7. Shit clans take notes, we’re superior in every way.
  8. Oh you’re in vendatta, thanks for letting me know I remember telling you what would happen if you opened another pure clan 😂😂😂😂
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