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  1. Damn rev leaked a pure clans admin only to get bullied by the same clan YIKES
  2. Can confirm from my unbiased pov that Rev got smoked by lvl 70 pures in monk robes LUL
  3. rev beefing with pure clans now? lmfao
  4. ah yes how do i join your crusade my fearless leada
  5. whoever spent that long copy and pasting each picture, get a life weirdo
  6. Foe always been this way; they'll only fight you when their terms are met ie. they get their preferred server in clan wars or in wildy they'll only fight you up 20 opts. They'd rather starve their members of action in the pursuit of preserving their own ego. Honestly don't even blame them considering their quality has never been worse, losing preps to every other lpc clan even the likes of Blunt Purez lmfao.
  7. grats astro and bu definitely the highest quality in the xlpc scene
  8. Looks like terror broke Tannie lmfao
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