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  1. > obese > no career/job > sounds like theres food stuck in his throat > nox's bitch for life > pulls 25 to weekends > zenith's meatshield LMFAOOOOOO stupid fucking dog KNOW YOUR PLACE
  2. Zenith are literally 5-50 in their life time of prep, no troll, shits crazy l000l. Its funny to think all the retards slaving away in Zenith trying to keep a joke of a clan alive. A few years from now you're going to be kicking yourself realizing you wasted so much time on this game slaving for a fake doctor only for Zenith to go down as one of (if not) the worst quality clan of all time. LMAO
  3. enjoy making minimum wage for the rest of your life obese disgusting loser. Fat, minimum wage publix slave. you're the epitome of what will happen when you slave this game. the only difference is you're still dog shit in game and your entire clan thinks you're a bot LMFAO thats why you sat in Legacy teamspeak for a year crying about how Nox neglects you l000000l fat fuck. your clan cant pull above 25 on weekends do something LOOOOOL
  4. your life fucking BLOWS. enjoy collecting shopping carts in parking lots for the rest of your life L O S E R lmfaoooooooooo
  5. get your mouth off LY's dick you cock sucking cockroach band waggoner
  6. grats on 8 man pk trip, maybe you'll end your weekend trips with 25+ this time around. stupid broken dogs trying to build hype pking with 10 retards lmfao
  7. mommy come back why do you hate me over the things dad did to you :((( lmfao dumb broken fuck
  8. Agreed, Apex are fucking dog shit and irrelevant. Stupid shitters pull 20 to weekends and are 0-5 in their last 5 events. lmfao fucking retards @Deseriesay something you fat disgusting fuck lmfao your clan is on its last legs idiot. BROKEN l0000000000000000000000000000000000000000l
  9. LMFAO Zenith desperate as fuck trying to hype up their last 30 members left only to get fucked in the ass. dont get me started on pathetic scims. Retard tries so hard only to make himself look like an absolute broken loser each time, cant wait to see you go mia for the 100th time you fucking idiot. YOU ARE THE BIGGEST JOKE IN THE COMMUNITY HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA
  10. nobody cares you stupid disgusting fuck keep slave posting for foe, one day you'll be an experienced member dumb sharkbrew dog l0l
  11. @Deseriestupid dog all of your core members left for main clans, cant even pull 25 to preps anymore LMFAO
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