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  1. damn some poor weeb made a sb account just to show droze is in his head, grats droze
  2. Good boy, listen to daddy. I can now enjoy your drama in peace.
  3. Didn't bp just accuse JS of making terrible topics? Look at the state of this.. half your images havent uploaded properly.. oh the irony
  4. sit the venom kids theyre weighing u down, nice action
  5. These guys asking for preps meanwhile they pulled 7 to scheduled event last week l0000l
  6. Focus on your own dogshit clan lmfao u pull 7 to sunday wars and 5 to a scheduled event, stop tagging me ur clan is dead. Gf Hydra, wasn't really a scheduled pkri but good action nontheless
  7. Heard Venom pulled 7 and cancelled their trip last Sunday.. As idiot Malo would say... Where was that energy?
  8. Damn y'all seek attention that much huh? No way I victimized you lot that bad in F2P that u feel the need to tag me on your topic, remember who did this to u and continue to cry
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