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  1. hmu if u wanna run im na west console epic name is klutchpks
  2. 37/40 ending and fo lost to them? fo closing before 2019 incoming
  3. A pure clanwars event might not generate the amounts of viewerships as DMM, but i can guarantee you if they made seasonal clan wars pure events the numbers watching on twitch would generate at least in the 10s if not 20s of thousands. Only reason is because they haven't made any events that's as publicly broadcasted as DMM.
  4. They're putting 30k-40k into dmm every season. Why wouldn't they throw 3k every season if it means reviving the scenes?
  5. What is the biggest problem facing the pure community at the moment? not enough inspiration to commit to clan schedules/ would rather skill/ make money pvming on the side with the growing amount of players joining What suggestion do you have that could fix this said problem? I would suggest holding events every season/8 weeks with a 5B prize pool for the winning clan. There could be 2 winning clans. 1 strictly for 1-20 def pures and the other strictly for main clans. This would also hold as somewhat of a prestigious title as well and motivate more players to create their own clan. I would say a huge factor would be keeping it 50v50 or 75v75 as most clans won't be able to pull 100 and would gather high-end mercenaries to aid them. Regardless, I would say it would be best to place the 80/100M in each winning players account to minimize drama between clan mates/new clans. How should the unified council or committee decide on which suggestion to push for? I would say make a poll. It would give pure clanning/ clanning in general more of an E-Sports feel as now the rewards are visible and obtainable. Fortnite is doing this too, and let's be honest, money talks. With all the fluctuation and upcoming number of players, if they can add an extra 20k to dmm I'm pretty sure they can afford 5B every season. I also really like the 20- defence world
  6. It's sad that I even have to do this, but since certain eop staff (igotthedr59) want to spread fake propaganda about me, I have to make things clear here. I left eop cause i would never be able to get senior back based on the new rules they implemented. 6/8 weekend trips for senior or 4/8 for member. i've been workin sats so only could make 4/8, and, personally, i just find it unfair to separate shooters that've been there for quite some time representing all aspects, such as vidding, sunday trips, and midweek pkris/events. That's just my two cents. Wanted to make this clear for all my shooters out there in eop, and i can post the final convo between me and eop leader jack so fuck off with feeding fake propaganda igotthedro59 thanks b

  7. Turmoil


    any friend who doesn't like sv, is a friend of mine. welcome
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