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  1. Big tings on the horizon :68747470733a2f2f63646e2e646973636f72646170702e636f6d2f656d6f6a69732f3335373531333134303632393533363736382e706e67:

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      Good guy phebz 

  2. Due to a lot of people asking me to make these GIF's for them, and me not having the time or not properly understanding what they would like made, I will be showing you all how to do it on your own. This is a very simple process and depending on how much time you want to put into it will determine the quality of your GIF. I'll keep it as simple as possible with an in-depth guide later this week (Adding moving images to a GIF) Step 1: Finding a GIF There are plenty of GIF images available on both www.giphy.com and www.imgur.com, however you can always google what GIF you are thinking of, or would relate to your content. You can also Create your own GIF image from www.YouTube.com, which I will show you the process behind now. 1. Find the YouTube video you would like to use, we will be using: 2. Head over to https://giphy.com/create/gifmaker and paste your link into the URL line, hit create. 3. Select the Time Frame you want your GIF image to start, and end: 4. Skip adding decorations (unless you would like to) and continue to upload your GIF. 5. Now that your GIF Image is uploaded, Copy the Link to your image (Saving your GIF from Giphy will save it as a .mp4 file and NOT a .GIF) Step 2: Adding Text to your GIF Image: 1. Head over to https://ezgif.com/add-text and either upload your GIF or paste the copied link from Giphy and upload. 2. Now that your image has been uploaded, we are ready to add some Text to the image. Below is a basic explanation of what's presented to you. A GIF Image is a series of images compiled to make a moving picture without sound, which is broken up into "Frames". You can select the Frame you would like your text to being and end on, edit the size of the text, color and border. You can have text begin on the same frame by simply editing the beginning frame on the same number. As you can see, I've chosen to have this text start on Frame #1 and end on Frame #42, so the text will disappear after frame 42. When you have finished adding all your Text, simple continue to "Create GIF" at the bottom of the page. Wallahi, you're done, upload your saved .GIF image to www.imgur.com/upload and share away.
  3. Cmon Moni Macaroni, why hate
  4. Matt - RoT LeaderToday at 5:03 PMheard austin is in fatality now is that true <18:23:08> "[Austin] †a†" was banned permanently from the server by "Kenny"
  5. This warmed my frigging heart
  6. Your ignorance amazes me, if you want to bring IRL into it be factual. I understand you're upset mommy and daddy wouldn't pay for a nose job you so desperately need, and you haven't seen the sun in over 3 days. Go outside once in awhile instead of living in the shit hole you call home.
  7. Weebey 0/10 intell strikes again.
  8. You've got EOP in your signature so you're contradicting yourself. I mean seriously do you even think before you type? EOP was a cesspool of retards, but you were captain dipshit.
  9. We all know it wasn't a troll topic, don't try to save face now that it's out in the open. KYP idiot
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