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  1. Phebz

    Feast my piggies

    U guys retarded? Pics right there
  2. unban me from discord btw
  3. Lets get some opinions in here, who's in the wrong?
  4. Phebz

    pure Nox #1 recruiter

    Parm and Jack were 100% leaking, can confirm.
  5. Phebz

    lpc Critical Damage Returns - 75-101 Combat LPC

    See you soon boys.
  6. Phebz

    pure Rip

    You will have to find a new way to provide for your family my friend.
  7. Phebz

    EOP - What has been your experience?

    EoP was my first and last pure clan, we went through waves of dominance over many clans, and in the end should have stayed closed the last time Dull closed us while we were on top. I loved every aspect of the clan, the people, the attitude and most importantly the laughs. I'll never be involved in pure clanning again (for the foreseeable future), i'm glad to have spent my time with EoP and wouldn't take it back for anything. <3 all of my dysfunctional EOP brothers, see you in Valhalla.
  8. Phebz

    Eop Leaderboards & Final Rank Meeting

    top notch clickbait