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  1. Big tings on the horizon :68747470733a2f2f63646e2e646973636f72646170702e636f6d2f656d6f6a69732f3335373531333134303632393533363736382e706e67:

    1. Pasco


      Good guy phebz 

  2. Cmon Moni Macaroni, why hate
  3. Matt - RoT LeaderToday at 5:03 PMheard austin is in fatality now is that true <18:23:08> "[Austin] †a†" was banned permanently from the server by "Kenny"
  4. This warmed my frigging heart
  5. Your ignorance amazes me, if you want to bring IRL into it be factual. I understand you're upset mommy and daddy wouldn't pay for a nose job you so desperately need, and you haven't seen the sun in over 3 days. Go outside once in awhile instead of living in the shit hole you call home.
  6. Weebey 0/10 intell strikes again.
  7. You've got EOP in your signature so you're contradicting yourself. I mean seriously do you even think before you type? EOP was a cesspool of retards, but you were captain dipshit.
  8. We all know it wasn't a troll topic, don't try to save face now that it's out in the open. KYP idiot
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