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  1. Looks way more convincing than rot jr clans 3 kill pic topic. Grats veng
  2. use fucking spoilers for the pictures next time microphone head holy heck
  3. First time rank 2018 clanner thinking replies on a shitty propaganda topic actually matters mfw
  4. Nigga came to 1 event in 2 months and is surprised he got kicked 🤣 Apperantly this is guy was a senior member (false he was retired) and according to you I've been friends with him for 4 years but I've never talked to him and we have 0 pms O_o Horrible attempt at propaganda a1 (stop pretending other people post on your account I can tell it's you by the way you type)
  5. I'm not seeing an aftermath from sv from this fight. Not looking good for sv... losing to f2p clans
  6. No one uses this dead site lmfao your topic average like 5 replies. Less talking on forums more fighting back ingame young a1 why did you run on sight..? O_o
  7. Gj dk sv can never compete 1v1. @A1v1 & Friendswhat happened dude O_o?
  8. The whole clan world getting trolled by a skinhead from Estonia and a faggot mfw LOL
  9. he isn't old enough to be allowed to have a twitter account yet
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