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  1. Damn lol even his own rank team doesn't like beast
  2. The whole clan world getting trolled by a skinhead from Estonia and a faggot mfw LOL
  3. he isn't old enough to be allowed to have a twitter account yet
  4. Didn't see you at the fight a1 did your mommy take away your computer privileges after you stayed up till 5 am to beat ct 75 vs 30?
  5. So it took you 8 hours to clear 30 ct whilst having 60 yourself...? That's nothing to be proud of 🤣
  6. Know your place dumb zerkers
  7. Thimaah

    Not again jaja!

    Claiming vengeance kill pics as your own? cmon a1 you're better than this
  8. Thimaah

    unofficial not looking good for jaja

    Big up day 1 jaja member drkarcher444!
  9. Thimaah

    sv did this to you

    Implying sv didn't close multiple times lol let's not forget that jaja made you pk in aest for 6 months and leaked your admin channel, you've not had a leak in jaja since then keep begging rot for intel lmfaooo WHY DO YOU SOUND LIKE THAT BRO 🤣
  10. Thimaah

    sv did this to you

    Ah so only beast is allowed in it, don't feel left out bud. You had 70 people in merged cc with rot standing right next to you sick dude. Eop closed sv as pures don't kid yourself lol https://eop-rs.org/topic/99494-closedno-up-from-here-sovereign-deathwatch-topic/ Stop skipping your speech therapy sessions to flame on sharkbrew
  11. Thimaah

    sv did this to you

    We had 34 in chan you would know that if you had a spy but you don't have one yourself (you rely on rot for intel, don't think we don't know about the discord group you have with rot ranks) Why would would we come to a fight where you and resurgence are in a merged cc and rot with already there fighting in single for 2 hours. You didn't hit your rival clan either, you were too busy teaming on a zerker clan 🤣 Stop piping up and focus on speech therapy lol
  12. Thimaah

    sv did this to you

    Poor intel lol, we were pking with 30 people while you rot and resurgence spent your 3 hours of your sunday 3v1ing Vengeance (a zerker clan) in single 🤣🤣
  13. Sv shares a cc with yet ANOTHER clan, not surprising! Congratulations vengeance looked easy.
  14. Thimaah

    Sunday Funday ft. Beating a dead horse

    Hopefully next week you will have mustered up the courage to hit vengeance without merging cc with rot meds lmfao