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  1. Thanks for the fight, lmao irl at rot crashing the last 5 minutes of the cap and putting a clip on twitter of killing 1 person
  2. Looks way more convincing than rot jr clans 3 kill pic topic. Grats veng
  3. use fucking spoilers for the pictures next time microphone head holy heck
  4. First time rank 2018 clanner thinking replies on a shitty propaganda topic actually matters mfw
  5. Nigga came to 1 event in 2 months and is surprised he got kicked 🤣 Apperantly this is guy was a senior member (false he was retired) and according to you I've been friends with him for 4 years but I've never talked to him and we have 0 pms O_o Horrible attempt at propaganda a1 (stop pretending other people post on your account I can tell it's you by the way you type)
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