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  1. Thimaah

    Friday Part 2: Kings of 2k total worlds

    Thanks @XpMarioloser
  2. Thimaah

    Guess Who

    sup commie bastard
  3. Thimaah

    Biggest slump?

    Fatality still hasn't recovered from the slump eop put them in 4 years ago
  4. Thimaah

    MFW reddit

    also on reddit: 28 year old slave miner gets put in his place.
  5. That isn't koshit but nice try I guess
  6. Thimaah

    Monday - SV/TS/Rev/fo Destroyed

    Shout out to 2ponytails (demais) and I'mindebttomyphonecompany (tannie) for ragging but making 0 impact. 25 kills 5 deaths wasn't hard lol
  7. Thimaah

    Monday - SV/TS/Rev/fo Destroyed

    We started off with a small trip hunting a specific "dox clan" after them running to single multiple times with more than us we then ended up bumping into our favourite trio SV/TS/Rev, we proceeded to fight them for an hour and completely destroyed all of them. You can't 1v1, you can't 2v1 and you can't 3v1, why are you even bothering to try and fight us? Sv just hide around the corner while their ally clans got destroyed by us. Thanks for all the free +1's btw. JaJa Starting - 7 Anti-JaJa Starting - 17 JaJa Ending: 35 Anti-JaJa Ending: 0 Loot pictures
  8. Thimaah

    Apex Hosting

    Good job Apex, slush is a terrible host. Good luck in the future
  9. Such a shame fo ddosed jaja leader (jibs), welcome to the crash war!
  10. Thimaah

    Saturday FT Revenant Ended 2x

    The self proclaimed "#2 main clan" put in their place lol
  11. Thimaah

    Thursday: Bullying sv/rev

    Sv is dead lol
  12. check ur pies sv 


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    2. Cody9204


      Found your leek sv


    3. FakeNews Spotter

      FakeNews Spotter

      ty 4 proving jaja is sht at evrything how tf u kil 1 person in a 3 man LAWL

      this y u need 6 clan 4 sv bt w 9GdDVhj.gif

    4. Cody9204


      y sv still pipe up i closed u in 3wks

  13. Thimaah

    SV Forced to 1item FT Rev

    ouch sv died