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  1. its the clan dull also ran into the ground Lmfao, eop wasnt teh only shithole he closed and rot wont be the last
  2. no need for this mental breakdown l0l, veng also killed rots minion clan (av)
  3. @Briandstop with teh essays lmfa0000 rot is dying and losing +1's every fight end of
  4. iuhsalfjwf3w4tl3045tl035lt0l53y0l00000000000000000000000l
  5. cant imagine bending the knee on a java game but u do u lad lol. sv is alrdy getting what they deserve for camping pures n so will rot
  6. gg sv keep camping pures and this will keep happening
  7. won every round by a mile gg tho also lmfao
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