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  1. l0000000000000000000000000000000l @Briand @Zenith BTW @ZENITH @Scims @Romance
  2. Set up a fight with our dutch/belgian pals over at Vitality. Fought cleanly single spells for the whole cap until we compared endings and left with 0 Anti-AF seen, was easy. I'd give a run down of the fight but i dropped so i don't know, but i imagine this how it went: the entire thing was insane, there was a point where every single clan was just surrounding af and trying to arrow and fire blast, but everything they threw was just bouncing off, all the while af spams were shooting off the screen like skyscrapers Video: Pictures:
  3. maybe edit another minimap while ur clan resorts to 1 item with 20 man pulls LOOOOL gf 90 in ts do summat
  4. https://streamable.com/90pskc# gf, 0 clean fights
  5. dno why streamables dont embed but this one sums it all up lmfao https://streamable.com/90pskc#
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