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  1. Rot still pvming in caves to afford their snakeskin sets l0000000l
  2. And for not showing up 20 minutes later when we were in a 2x2 box having a 60v60 🤣🤣
  3. And let's not forget about all the times rot was in a shared cc to fight streamer DINO XX and such!
  4. no need to be upset that you have an alliance consisting of 9 clans lad just try to improve and get out of staff barrage double dhide once or twice and maybe you get a shot at actually being able to fight back vs AF in a REAL 1v1
  5. rot+ts+sv+sr+ez+sr+1750+2k+cpk+plex will NEVER win hahahaha 🤣 we forced rot to ally with PVMERS LOL who fucking dun it
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