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  1. Also, why was half of Zenith their ML on Apeg TS?
  2. Nosepeg Nox caught avoiding? WEAK.
  3. Received word that RoT+SV were massing to crash Tempest vs. Rev in F2P so we decided to pay them a visit. There's not much to say except RoT didn't even pull 50, tried stopping the fight but had no effect at all. We farmed them for the entirety of the fights cap and it was easy as fuck. SV aren't really worth mentioning; they pulled 17 people. On the other hand, we ended with 82 on TS (and 82 in CC), no prep. Undisputed hash wan
  4. won't affect us blasting apeg audio during our trips tbh
  5. Mediocre Zerks looking for a morale boost to deflect from the fact that Rage is WINNING a crash war versus them . NOT a good look for FAILING irrelevant zerk clan who is forced to sit in apex/sv clan chat in stead of using ther own LOL!
  6. Rot still pvming in caves to afford their snakeskin sets l0000000l
  7. And for not showing up 20 minutes later when we were in a 2x2 box having a 60v60
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