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  1. Cronic


    You couldn't handle me bro. You're a nice guy, but we are tiers apart.
  2. Cronic


    Wow, wassup man
  3. Cronic


    Good to see you too brother
  4. Cronic


    Not sure who this Elve guy is, but mediocrity has always been a prerequisite to get on the Fi rank team. Not sure who currently wears the crown, but I'm getting my head measurements done shortly. We sail in silence.
  5. Cronic


    Been a minute since i been around these kinda forums. Some of ya'll may remember me, good to see some clans still open. I'm assuming this is a good spot to shit talk terrible clans? If this shit clan is still alive, please always remember your place!! Happy New Year.
  6. hey sorry for the bump but ive never heard of the clan ur competing with haha
  7. dam we were pulling 9 and made u withdraw from f2p server completely?
  8. @@Elve not too long before u cancel the f2p server again aye
  9. and fi has been good the last 3.5 years! i can make stuff up too heh
  10. dam using cp's fake propaganda now that yours clearly never worked? i put u in a 4 year slump boi
  11. ahhh good to know you're still pulling 30 sorry bout that btw
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