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  1. I'm getting head at the beach rn. Wbu?

  2. dang mateyy u r playing runescape while i am getting head at the beach lmfao takes notes random cd clanner
  3. Getting head at the beach while reading all these mad kids cry lmfao
  4. u r so justin beiber lmfao. U wake up at 4 am to play runescape
  5. you wake up at 4 am on weekends to play runescape while I am getting some good head at the beach lol nice life lol
  6. Brb going to the beach

  7. Looks like the sign ups didnt do much hahaha sik pull cd

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    2. Swagman11


      imagine not going out at all lmfao

    3. Swagman11


      40 man pull is better than 0. Next week we will pull higher

    4. Faked


      L0l keep dreming buddy u r gonna pull less than 30 next week l0l

  8. go ask ur leader l0l we have the recording also btw
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