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  1. another trip where EOP wins 1v3 LMFAO

    try harder you mf, apex, fo dogs

    1. Mi Ni

      Mi Ni

      EOM has never won any prep..o wait..they never prep the so SH1T L=000000000000000000000L...weekends 50 pures 40 mains nice....SMH

    2. Kanicus


      Ty 4 action bud 

    3. Satans


      @31s, we legit had 0 mains lol

  2. can some1 link me foc's aftermath bruv lma0 i cant seem to find it m8

    1. Parm


      they have a losing topic on their forums, they merged it with their pic dump to make it look more active LOL

    2. 2 ponytails irl

      2 ponytails irl

      i just checked @parm they actually don't LMFA000000 broken in their own server

  3. whys some sv reject posting on our aftermath lmfa00 ur clan died u potato
  4. @foe aka adhi you sound like a bitch l000000l

    1. King Kinse

      King Kinse

      greasy ponytail clan

  5. nice aftermath topic fo LMFAOOOOO

  6. Closing SV was probably one of the easiest things I've done in life.

    1. Niblet


      imperial soon to close (for the 5th time on this game lol)

  7. holydreams is gonna be in eop ts in 2 weeks crying again l000000l

  8. holy brown sticky stuff foc l000000000l get fucked ugly brits

    1. Alex


      i love when the little guys beef it's so cute (:

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