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  1. lmfao rage forced ly to try and rival a declining dc.
  2. If there was one guy to represent how awful legashit is it sure would be this guy
  3. can u reopen imperial so i can shit on u again and make u close within 90 days? I want a 1v3 rivalry. This shit vs shitpremacy and legashit is far too easy.
  4. can confirm ur a liar and ur pants are on fire
  5. lmfao what a joke! we leak all ur shit weekend trip audio and have demoralized all of ur ranks and members. Shut up goggles, I told you that we would kill ur shit excuse of a clan. You just couldn't believe it and now here you are looking like an idiot and still playing more minecraft than runescape
  6. Thanks Slush, good to see you willing to remove scum who has moderated these forums with bias for months
  7. heard shitpremacy got smoked today (legashit too)

  8. Rage killing ly/sup simultaneously lmfao

  9. legashit has resorted to inviting accounts of all defense level to their trip tomorrow....

  10. we cast legashit down with the sodomites lmfao
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