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  1. Energy

    Some Nostalgia, RIP Plague Of Pures

    pop is open rn under jesse
  2. Energy

    pure/midweek Bad Timing Owns Ascent

    i miss u baby @byronbanks
  3. Energy

    Favorite Clan Rivalry

    pop vs bv
  4. dont have to post a topic on Sb to have an event maybe thats why my clan is better dont care about what SB thinks lmfao. http://www.pop-rs.com/forums/for event aftermaths buddy !
  5. doing our own thing no need to make topics
  6. haha pop has been pking all day for last week but ok buddy
  7. Energy

    Who is 187?

    SK trying to be relevant again LOL
  8. Energy

    Regarding XLPC

    so if your 61 combat your telling me you are supposed to compete with maxed LPC's that all have overheads and are maxed? ur fucking dumb