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  1. wondering if this tournament is going to fail again like the past tourny's
  2. i agree, @slushpuppy only promote ppl who have showed to power abuse. theirs no comming back from here. GG sharkbrew was fun while it lasted
  3. damn @slushpuppy gratz on giving biased power abusers promotion. theirs no comming back for sharkbrew after this.
  4. did RS cry to slushpuppy cause they lost a prep?
  5. did danny really pay 20m to a country team to help in fo capes?
  6. you just posted it after the whole community already laughed at u xd ty for posting your losing POV
  7. theirs no fo to bee seen? looks like foe was regrouping somewhere north in singles all i see is random black hats logging in after rage cleared foe 😅
  8. @Fake Smile this is how a winning topic looks like , take notes lil guy =
  9. danny paid 20m to ly+liths to help FOE , what else can i say lmao This is how a winning POV looks like , i really wonder why you didnt post K2P's POV on your aftermath =
  10. this is how a winning topic looks like , i wonder why foe didnt post @K2P his losing POV on their aftermath lmfao =
  11. i wonder why your cutted pov isnt on the aftermath =
  12. did you really took a fake ending? l0l nice ending pic minutes later after u regrouped all the way north i also wonder why you didnt post K2P's POV on your aftermath... is it because its a losing POV ? Rage #1 , Kings Of 1v3
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