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  1. Will be asking a few questions when all you see is a sea of golden hats running your clan down to level 1
  2. Pop opening start of 2020, no mongloids and no extra chromosomes get at me

    1. Flurky


      @Duval get ready kid pigeons have been deployed 

    2. toughguy


      pigeon received. get ready retards

  3. Flurky

    Plague of pures

    Who’s the clown that think it’s funny to open my clan without me and drag its name through the dirt? Any version of pop that I wasn’t involved in is not a real version of pop. dont whos tryna get recruits off my clans name but I am requesting a cease and desist on all comments relatated to any version of the plague of pures runescape dot com clan ltd I will open The real pop start of next year for 3 months only, will regain the throne close on top and seal the plagues legacy
  4. missing sudo at the start otherwise fire
  5. join pop 

    1. Pker4life


      If only you used teamspeak. Discord is wack

    2. Flurky



      We use ts...

      Current Clients:110 / 512 

  6. might have to kyp you again
  7. Plague Of Mains btw

    1. jay.


      u belong with me flurky

  8. The plague is coming

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    2. Papa Bear

      Papa Bear

      Bahahhahahhahahha you think I'm in doom aaaahahahhahah

      Fucking wrong guy

    3. Satans


      Stick around longer this time lol

    4. Warbow


      Lil bringing back of good ole chris and dan? Lil POP reopening??? Exciting!

  9. u ready for the hands??

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    2. bt black son

      bt black son


    3. Dillon Howlett

      Dillon Howlett

      @bt black son you look like FATBOY SSE but the walmart version 

    4. Dillon Howlett

      Dillon Howlett

      @YB Chris im sure you feel very special trying to impress your father with googled jokes but just know you look corny af 

      Try harder maybe someone will believe you lil guy

  10. Get ready for @RyanTheG 's crying topics soon boys 


    1. Fat Boy

      Fat Boy

      crying topic about what ? :( that pop got slapped ? 

    2. Fat Boy
  11. lmao get ready xlpc scene 

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    2. R4ngeTAP


      For what so I can close you again? Ob btw. 

    3. Flurky


      @R4ngeTAP didn't I close two clans you joined in a 1 month period? 

    4. R4ngeTAP


      I bullied ur opening trip and left Flawless to make Ob then took over the scene ever since closed pop in 2 weeks was ez btw see you soon. 

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