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  1. Is this you begging for someone to stop begging? hmmm.....
  2. Damn dude looking into 2017 for propaganda seems like you’re looking for a w now...
  3. Come back and see Legacy want mains... To all my niggas PM me you know who you are.

  4. Wtf was that background are you playing Mario and recording with your phone on the desk?
  5. Nigga we got your discord seeing Sam wanting to close and shit lmao P.S. Who the fuck is Purge
  6. l0l what did you do to these niggas @Im__soBeast
  7. Biggs half those vids are P2P 😬 sorry your clan is so bad dude I suggest inners and recruiting...
  8. Sorry about bullying your snipe team in the past. Last time I checked Apex never touched CD in really anything. Including your only server you claim to be "good" in. Didn't even really look too far into the files btw.
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