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  1. I’m sorry did someone just say I 2-1’d FI on my level 65

  2. Rampage will be waiting for you to accept the prep then
  3. Now we all know that at an easy click of the mouse FI be 2-1d on my level 65 btw Who thinks they can de crown the obvious Kings
  4. Sorry but didn’t that clan last like 5 months
  5. Idk probably kill rage while Danny rides And whips Abraham like a kangaroo through the outback
  6. Hey man don’t make me get upset over some words on a community website. Take the L so I don’t have to come back to this game like that... Watch how you talk to my boy
  7. Is this you begging for someone to stop begging? hmmm.....
  8. Damn dude looking into 2017 for propaganda seems like you’re looking for a w now...
  9. Come back and see Legacy want mains... To all my niggas PM me you know who you are.

  10. Wtf was that background are you playing Mario and recording with your phone on the desk?
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