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  1. I have PM’D and discussed with @K1D our wonderful ideas
  2. Someone told me Vision is #1 might look at em
  3. I spent several years of my life in the army so I could eat for free all day for one day every year. It’s called investments boys get with the program ;)

  4. Anyone find it super cringey FI uses the punisher skull or is that just me?

    1. Retard Army

      Retard Army

      gotta at least produce some cool gfx after being in a slump from 2009-last week

    2. TheBean


      Punisher Skuller > Mountain 

    3. Papa Bear

      Papa Bear

      Punisher skull is what weird kids who go to JROTC in high school rep to look cool but in reality they’re just weirdos who will own an AR to never point it at anything but whatever it’s pointing at in their closet 

  5. Rather join the Wilderness Guardians
  6. Daily reminder Tyendinaga likes men god hates him and Jamz sister is for the team

  7. Jamz sister is cute 

    1. Obbyx


      go fuck yourself

    2. Papa Bear

      Papa Bear

      Why would I do that when I could fuck Jamz sister

  8. I mean if you don’t join Zentih you’re going to lose so gl
  9. Complete opposite of what I said. Despite the shit I disagree with foe they banned a member who wanted to try and be cool online talking about shit like that
  10. To FI - was fun.. I know you understand the point we wanted to make today and it was all fun in games CD managed to have over 90 in TS and 130 mains ingame . As @Fear The Beard said we argue online that is part of the community we decided to have fun in. But when it comes to @F2p2007(yes I’m calling you out individually) trying to flame someone apart of OUR community no matter what clan you decide to be apart of real life issues (including death) that comes to a stop for me. Take @Ease topic for example. Understand it was an accident but you should have double checked behest you were putting out. We do not put the blame on foe for the comments one member of ALL of our community has decided to say. @K2Phas confirmed the removal of this piece of shit from his clan. If you want further information on this individual feel free to PM me. And to every clan that is open enjoy the flames,rivalrie and even main wars but if you want to take it out of the game nobody will have an issue of you being dealt with accordingly. Save your jobs and reputation and keep it ingame. GF FI and even LY today was a fun reunion trip for I hope everyone let’s keep it that was so shit doesn’t get out of hand
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