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  1. Papa Bear

    unofficial not looking good for jaja

    l0l what did you do to these niggas @Im__soBeast
  2. Papa Bear

    Fearless LPC - F2P Legacy Clan

    gl my piggys
  3. Papa Bear


  4. Papa Bear

    IMT and SKO having a chat.

    yea IMT is fucking ass
  5. I'd hate to dust off cubicle cubicet and cubie 1-30
  6. Biggs half those vids are P2P 😬 sorry your clan is so bad dude I suggest inners and recruiting...
  7. Sorry about bullying your snipe team in the past. Last time I checked Apex never touched CD in really anything. Including your only server you claim to be "good" in. Didn't even really look too far into the files btw.
  8. Right when I think drunk has finally gone away with his retarded ass tactics I hear him say “Odd combats on this one pile and even combats on these 3 piles” You're expired dude give the fuck up lmfao...
  9. Papa Bear

    xLPC Weekend Recap

    Xlpc is done y’all might as well move LPC for better action
  10. Oh shit really? Tyty
  11. Papa Bear

    lol ly

    I’m not in LY dude just pointing out what you did, anyone could do and your attempt at bringing them embarrassment is kinda shit.
  12. So you actually recorded yourself leaving cc.
  13. Papa Bear

    bring back hpc

    Tbh would be cool to see 2 brackets again more clans with opportunity to open
  14. Papa Bear

    lol ly

    You have 2 pics of 15m rest no pics no proof. People make more than 80m woth a shift on McDonalds