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  1. @Brap @Tannie how Long do you think @Bbm begged to post EOP aftermath topic?

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Brap


      lmfao awkward weirdo 

    3. Tannie


      idk but bbm is not legit, very immature.

    4. Papa Bear

      Papa Bear

      Idk dude I hold a top 3 record of replies on a single topic but w/e


    Far as fuck. give me Abdullah hat?
  3. Can't flame someone as cute as Phebz, but he is in a dogshit clan lmfao.
  4. banter
    [EOP vs FOE]Who will break first?

    EOP has a vast history of giving up and closing so I think history is just going to repeat itself until they get tired of being chased around and tugged on on by a leash like dogs. That or after IR and Apex stop giving them top they won't be able to 2v1 / 3v1 us anymore and just repeat their anniversary every weekend until debb/jack just call it quits and throw up the white flag.
  5. good staff member

    Thanks for the shoutout
  6. LMFAO does this mean EOP is the worst clan in the league now? Grats apex you moved up 1 step

  7. banter
    Pure community roast topic

    What is this obsession you have over me. I feel like you have my pictures on some dating website trying to catfish people acting like me.
  8. How to kyp a rat for dummies.

    Takes someone with the right amount of chromosomes to understand more than how to tie your shoes
  9. Apex scammer clan

    hmmmm gl Apex
  10. What took you 6 days yet again, took me less than 1. kyp in this world kid (Watch in soundcloud for better quality, youtube fucking sucks) @Phebz You can't delete this one either bb