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  1. Assvine? What does that say about Shitnergy? Dude just focus on pulling 25 tomorrow plz
  2. Papa Bear

    Xlpc Rankings

    Divine and Energy are the best fighting for #1 tomorrow rest idgaf they fucking suck
  3. Papa Bear

    A proposal for FOE & Apex...

  4. So the big controversy here about these 2 clans is they proclaim #1 matched in both servers. The thing about it is it seems one clan is scared to prep the other and complain about days to prep. Why not set up a prep before or after the wilderness trips this weekend on both days to see how really is #1? Or is Nox going to come up with an excuse not to do this as well?
  5. idk if you can win this chief
  6. Papa Bear

    cwa Supremacy vs Fatality | F2P Prep | 40v40 | [3-0]

    Lmfao FI can't catch a W
  7. Papa Bear

    xlpc question

    Tbh it was like 2 retards fighting over who has the least amount of chromosomes lmfao
  8. Papa Bear

    xlpc question

  9. Heard you got catfished on RS? @Fazing

  10. Papa Bear


    #Empire btw
  11. Papa Bear

    RSPS Clanning Returns

  12. Papa Bear

    BREAKING: Divine buys 50M worth of fake logs

    Kold a good guy
  13. Papa Bear

    pure/midweek/verified BT Clears XL Down 5 Was EZ!!!

    That was also not down 5 lol