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  1. dunno why u flaming eop for having mains kid when you're literally from cp and u also attended eop trip instead of your own a few weeks back so hop off this dick kid
  2. must have really sucked for the ex tlp having to team with foc kid
  3. grats @Lee kid @Whisky kid ~ ferocious/skeez
  4. see u tomorrow @Remy kid


    rag bot remember the name

    1. Law Abiding Citizen

      Law Abiding Citizen

      this is why @Remy has closed every clan hes been in lmfao good luck handmedown wearer remy l00l

  5. unlucky fo kid u just lost red jeans to a clan lead by a guy named michaelangelo @holydreams u made the right choice kid im proud of u take care of him @Harmz | Mike kid he is a good member
  6. LMFAO WAT IS THIS DOGbrown sticky stuff KID
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