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  2. Jernt

    Resurgence's Wednesday Pt. 2 Ft. Veng in Singles

    Big day for surgers bad day for retard veng clanners bunch of virgins with no balls led by some fat 40 yr old imagine!
  3. Imagine being this fucking retarded ^
  4. Thank u veng for the gps today
  5. Just two fat runescape players in love nothing to see here
  6. Jernt

    lpc Stampede ~ P2P Pure Team

    How many teams you gonna make
  7. Jernt

    lpc Legacy ~ LPC ~ Legends Never Die

    Oh boy
  8. Dont forget fellow pure clanners its about that time of the year  where all the lpc clans close and reopen as xlpc

  9. how was fighting main raggers for 7 hours lmao cringy shit pure clanning 2019
  10. Jernt

    Resurgence Thursday Night Lights

    When your not brainwashed by sybren hmu