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Found 9 results

  1. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord Saturday, January 23rd: Final Ownage Elite massed up 90 elites for our F2P PK Trip. We were expecting a 1v3 today outnumbered against Fi + Rage + Vennies and possibly any other clan who would attempt to save them. We went in with the mindset of clearing every single one of them until they break and end knowing our members are far stronger than all of them. However, since the Anti-FOE Alliance is weak beyond belief, we were disappointed to see that we had more than all of them combined ourselves. The trip consisted of just chasing both FI and Rage around hitting them both whenever they were in single or multi and just forcing them to hop out of the world like fucking dogs. There was one moment where Rage+FI both attempted to team on us but humiliated themselves as we farmed them until they both ended in under 5 minutes. Weak alliance made up of weak clans. Gl for the entire 2021, you'll need it. ~Dynamic ~Ceza ~Nick ~Brian
  2. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord Saturday, December 19th: Final Ownage Elite massed up 85 elites for our final F2P trip of 2020. Fatality prepared signups for this weekend but we knew that our clan was still far stronger than FI no matter what. We went into the weekend expecting Fatality to outnumber us but our confidence and determination is all it takes to beat any clan. As expected, Fatality decided to act tough yet again due to having more numbers but we were ready to give it our all and that's exactly what brought us to victory. We once again fully exposed their fake persona as a strong clan today. Despite being down 15 people and going up against up to 50 mains, we fought with no fear and reminded the entire scene who the kings of Pures are. With only 110 in game we went up against 140 Fatality pures & mains and 3 hours later we stood victorious with the exact same amount as we started. Fatality in this time dropped to under 50 on TS and were fully cleared in game. Another day where FOE reigns as champions in the wilderness after another Fullout. Nobody can ever match us when we give it our all. ~Pete ~Teleporting ~theJKH ~Brian ENDING OPTS ROFL
  3. Most Active - Best Community - #1 Pure Clan After demolishing throught Revenant and forcing them to be aided and bailed out by a pure clan numerous times yesterday, We were super excited for our P2P Sunday trip. Everyone remembers the damage and abuse we put #Anti-Zenith the past couple weeks. We massed up 70 Zenith Members and eventually peaked at 85 Zenith Members to shit on everyone. 5 BILLION FOR OFF TRY AGAIN SAMUEL We waited in multi for clans to do something, No clan wanted the hands and no clan would move knowing we would hit them. We logged into Venom who was at bandits and started clearing through them within seconds. We teleblocked them all and got aggressive and pushed them south. We cleared them up and teleported to edgeville and thanked them for the fight. We logged into Supremacy & Venom fighting south of Al kharid castle, We quickly came from the north and started speccing out everyone. We started pushing both clans east and barraged them in massive clumps. We continued moving east completely clearing up both clans. We pushed Venom into singles and Supremacy teleported out, We continued moving north on Apex and Terror who were at the entrance of the castle. We cleared up the Castle and caught a fall in and took a ending after clearing everyone. We heard Onslaught was at bandits, We logged in south and went north and started demolishing through them. We continued pushing north with specs out and absolutely bashed them. We cleared them up and looted up and than teleported to bank and thanked them for the loot. We baited Revenant to coming to a PVP world inside Al Kharid, We baited Revenant into logging into their 80's FEL's, We Forced Revenant into logging off their meds and going strictly on level 120's to avoid being fully cleared ingame, We forced 30 Revenant to be completely cleared by a pure clan inside Al Kharid on my leaders Go-Pro. This was the most embarrassing fight Ref has been apart of. We cleared them up and spammed their 126's and teleported to edgeville. We heard Legacy was about to fight Final Ownage Elites, So we quickly postioned southwest and waited. Once they started fighting we came from the south and started one hitting through Legacy. We continued pushing north and fully cleared Legacy ingame. We followed them to the bank and spammed the shit out of them. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UTzLHWsn4Ck Grats @S1lent Dave on Armadyl Godsword PK Thanks Fel for "Light Ballista"
  4. Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord Another authoritative P2P Sunday for Legacy as we mobilized 85+ Spartans for todays ruthless ravage. Acquired the most action as usual starting almost every fight that occured in todays trip getting clean pure v pure skirmishes & clusters entrie trip managing to get muliple prodigious gwasses too as our 'rivals' lobbied whole trip getting extensively camped by mains and whenever we stumbled into them it was an unambigous effort as they'd get rolled over like men vs boys. Most action as usual good effort everyone involved in the clean fights gf warriors. https://i.gyazo.com/5041f0067ba53c72261d0d3e5c58e02e.mp4 https://i.gyazo.com/f89ae39974a93ec50315bbbc4c5c079b.mp4 Fenrieth Paige
  5. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord Saturday October 31st; Fatality massed up, peaking at 85 Pure Elites ready to completely dominate any competition that would choose to try and step to us, on this Halloween. Zenith would end up not wearing their cape for 95% of their trip, and instead went out trick-or-treating as Apex members. For the rest of trip we farmed FO until they fully broke. Exilent Death Tracker: Shoutout to @Spark | Jare having holydreams do laps around the wilderness, fighting skeletons instead of Fi Fatality Vs Zenpex To start this halloween off, we decided to pay our good pals Zenith a visit who were sitting at CA fighting Apex. As we would rush to hit Zenith, they would immediately put on Apex's cape and attempt to fight us back. It did not matter and we would end up putting them to 30 in game. As main clans would soon show up, and our objective of killing pures was obtained, we dipped from the fight. Fatality Vs Final Ownage "Elite" FO and Legacy were fighting by corp and we wanted in, so we would rush the fight and start hitting FO. Both clans would split apart, and FO would quickly run to single, so we would just chase them all in single and walk them to enclave. Fatality Vs Final Ownage "Elite" We would once again rush a FO & Legacy fight, this time being at bandits. FO would actually attempt to fight back this time. Unfortunately for them, all they did was get farmed by us in a 90 minute long fight, where they would stay under 30 pures for a large majority of the fight, eventually getting fully cleared off the map, after only maintaining 9 pures in game. Fi Starting: 64 (75 on TS - Gained our 9 lates in game) Fi Ending: 67 (73 on TS) FO Starting: 63 FO Ending: 0 (Fully Broken) ~ Tanqe ~ ~ Destin ~ ~ Schweden ~
  6. Most Active - Best Community - #1 Wilderness Pure Clan. After Yesterday's F2P Smokefest having multiple clusters and plenty of action, Today we were super excited for our P2P Sunday trip. We massed up 75 Zenith Members and eventually peaked at 85 Zenith Mountain men ready to demolish everything in our server. We setup a fight with Apex and we defended GDZ, Apex logged in and the fight started. We quickly got super aggressive catching Apex in several clumps and held our ground extremely well. We went back and forth for some time before we heard clans were coming to crash. Fatality logged in and instantly regretted it. We pushed them far east and started barraging through them. Legacy came to aid Fatality who was getting completely fucked. Legacy logged in and got GWAS'd our teamspeak exploded. We continued pushing Legacy south east and eventually pushed them to singles and cleared them up. Once they were in singles it was just mains north so we caught a bank. We were informed by our Fatality Rat that Revenant was forcing Fatality & Rage to aid them against the mighty Zenith clan. Unable to defeat clans in their own combat bracket these broken virgins led by wheelchair Kattri decided to camp pures was their most effective way of staying relevant and active. We baited Rev into hitting us, We rushed multi at CA and baited these retards into logging in. We quickly turned around on the dogshit meds and mains. Within 30-60 seconds the entirety of the shitters were sent to edgeville spawn. Fatality was too slow and Rev was pissed. We teleported to edge and caught a bank after wiping the main clan off the map. Our Legacy rat told us after they got gwas'd 40 LY Rats were in singles, We quickly went to abuse them. We logged in on top of them in singles and started dropping their levels 70's and 80's on their forehead. Within seconds half of Legashit was cleared. We waited for Fatality to log in and try to aid their shitty alliance clan. We instantly turned around on Fatality once Legashit was cleared. We started abusing through Fatality and they started dropping like flies. Jamz (emotionally unstable) did not believe his members could win against Zenith in singles and we forced the 2nd clan to teleport to edgeville. We followed and laughed at Fatality who had nearly 30 more in game. Stay EZ Victims. We setup another fight against Apex at GDZ. We defended and the fight started again. We baited Revenant again to show their faces. Once their came out and decided to play we started farming through them again. We farmed them for 2-5 minutes while we watched Fatality sit at edge bank. Jamz wouldn't move and aid Revenant. We moved to gap and started barraging through them. We moved south and teleported out once everything was cleared. We heard Rage was in multi at CA. We quickly positioned north and started hitting them with barrages. We started hitting Rage in massive clumps west of us. Final Ownage Elites logged in from singles and came east and we started catching them in massive clumps. We heard mains were coming to crash so we quickly teleported out and thanked both clans for the fight. WHO DUN IT????? We cleared up some shitters and waited for Fatality to come hit us. Jamz bright idea was to teleport up to corp cave and go outside. (Bad idea) We caught them in massive clumps and started gwasing through the entirety of Fatality. We pushed them northeast and started speccing their weak low stamina members out. We cleared up Fatality and watched them teleport out and die in front of our eyes. We than turned around on Rage & Revenant members who were all that was left. We heard Blunt Pures & Venom were about to fight, We quickly came from the west and started blowing through them. We hit all of BP and started clearing them up. We continued pushing east and eventually ran into Venom and cleared them aswell. Once both clans were cleared we teleported to edgeville and caught a bank. We heard from our Fatality leak that Fatality & Revenant were finally back on the right terms. This would be their last stand of the sunday evening. Revenant forced Fatality who's pull had dwindled by 30 at this point to continuously return to CA where they were being spawn killed while Revenant tried to 1item. We farmed them for over 20 minutes at CA while every clan tried to aid the alliance. Legacy & Rage & Ancient Fury would all try to help Fatality & Revenant. It didn't work.... We cleared up Legacy, We cleared up Rage, We cleared up Ancient Fury, We cleared up Revenant, And we sent Fatality back into the grave. @Co0kiezs POV. THANKS FOR ARMADYL GODSWORD FATALITY THANKS FOR TOXIC STAFF LEGASHIT.
  7. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord Sunday, October 18th: Final Ownage Elite massed up 85 Elites for our scheduled P2P trip. After an action packed and undefeated Saturday, we expected clans to approach us for clean 1v1's. Being known as a clan that always starts action, we immediately set for GDZ and waited for our first victim. It was not until 20 minutes into the trip where Zenith logged in and tried to dethrone the P2P kings. We knew we were down roughly 20 opts but our Elites were unfazed. Before we knew it we were matched and quickly gained control of the fight. The fight concluded with a crash from mains. The rest of the trip consisted of quick hits vs Terror, Zenith, Legacy and Onslaught at GDZ & Falador. ~Brian ~CeZa ~Isaak ~Swip
  8. Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord Legacy entered the wild with nearly ~ 85 members, who were able to enjoy the most action in the pure scene. While victim Zenith members were bank standing in Edgeville, Legacy took part in multiple clusters as well as clean 1v1 fights throughout the wilderness. Huge shout out to all the Legacy members who showed up today and great performance. Killa Maaku Pictures
  9. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord Saturday, August 8th: Final Ownage Elite massed up over 85+ Elites and dominated the F2P wilderness. Despite being down 15+ in teamspeak to Zenith and Legacy, we held our own and fought them both at the same time. Eventually Zenith ended early, leaving us to focus solely on LY. Our competition dropped down to matched opts on teamspeak so they decided to bring mains to try and save them. Eventually they went into single and logged out, leaving FOE the last pure clan in the wilderness. ~Erik ~Malo
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