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  1. Shoan

    Apex Hosting

    This has been a long time coming but I'm dissapointed in the way you handled this. Cutting out our domain, even allowing it to redirect to another clan's website therefor putting all of our security at risk. In our pm you ask what it is in for you. The answer is simple. You sell a service that we have paid the money for. Apex's non-affiliation with Sharkbrew should not void the contract where you provide service that once again, we pay the amount you ask for. On top of that you failed to aid us with any forum problems nor gave us the clan hooks that we should of had since day 1. Using excuses like "Blame EoP" (why should their actions affect us?) or that you are in a shitty situation IRL (once again, sucks for you but in a professional situation this is not an excuse). This is my last post on this website.
  2. Shoan

    2v2 fullout?

    Your sharkbrew account name is literally prep war but you're avoiding a 50v50 p2p prep war against apex? lmfao Post-siege p2p prep loss: Post-ir p2p prep loss
  3. Shoan

    Apex vs fo | 18v18 Big Mini 4-1 [easy]

    fo = shit in apex vocab btw
  4. Shoan

    Apex vs fo | 18v18 Big Mini 4-1 [easy]

    actually no they dont lmfao, you got a private mini discord with all of your self proclaimed "best" warrers (they are shit btw) ur definitely not in it l0l
  5. Shoan

    Apex vs fo | 18v18 Big Mini 4-1 [easy]

    what happened here?
  6. Shoan

    Apex vs fo | 18v18 Big Mini 4-1 [easy]

    @Paul banning apex members wont bring back seals lmao
  7. Shoan

    hotguy nh 1

    @Moni @Singles Trip @BackWoodsL
  8. with the remaining leadership of Danny (120 members/retireds signed a petition to demote him) and Austin (refused to socialize with any1 else but his gay 'the boys' club causing drama and nearly got the clan killed from the inside) Add the return of Tyler/nick1 on top of that and you just got your clan killed.
  9. Fo messed for 45 minutes today after only hitting 60 people ingame (dropping 30 people in one week) and here you are concerning yourself with what EoP is doing.
  10. Wud be sick if 2 clans came together and did a 65v65 @holydreams
  11. When the pure scene fails to give us competition we will find it elsewhere. @ other main clans, pm Shoan#1376 on discord to setup a similiar event.