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  1. pk pass revoked #elitemains
  2. Acuno

    pkri Veng Collects 9,543,684KG of Rune.

    nothing better than salty pures
  3. Acuno

    pkri Resurgence EST Sweep Ft. DL

    3 man pull for a bear mass
  4. Acuno

    pkri (CLEAN!) Prep Vs Kings + Rev Cave Sweep

    nice action
  5. woah flame off lad this is a friendly thread only
  6. The boys massed up 5 strong warriors (peaking at 7) for our first ever trip and caught wind of a Resurgence trip at altar. We quickly found them and annihilated them twice, ending their trip within 5 minutes. After that we continued our slaughter at Altar, smiting a pair of claws (72M PK) and skull-tricking a boner for his ACP and Dinhs (50M). We moved to caves and feasted there before calling it a night. Overall it was an insane trip, we PKed more in one night than Resurgence has in the past two weeks. OK! zooo.mp4 claw smite.mp4 dinhs trick.mp4