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  1. Origen

    weekend [F2P] 4/20 Taking Dabs of IR Kush

    the memes lmaoo
  2. Origen

    Fearless v Legacy P2P mini 2-0 in sets

    nice clean action
  3. Origen

    hello sharkbrew

    Welcome homie
  4. Origen

    cwa Legacy Vs Fearless 3-0 P2P Prep

    looked fun, gz on victory
  5. gf liths & nice action
  6. Origen

    pkri Another Vengeance GMT Trip

    Ez for vengeance
  7. Origen

    weekend Fearless P2p Sunday taking on lpc scene

    nice one
  8. Origen

    Wilderness Clan Of The Month(Winner) - March

    gz JaJa, you are quality compared to your current rival SV lmao
  9. Origen

    midweek 😈Purge Fat Rev Trip - Smoke DC x4 FT - LY

    gz looked fun
  10. Origen

    pkri Vengeance Early GMT Smallman Domination

    big looties
  11. Origen

    pkri Sundays Prep vs VR ft. Soverence + Carnage

    Sit the fuck down, downie. You & your pathetic ass clan took another giant L yesterday
  12. Good job retreating to singles