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  1. all good then bro talk your shit then L0L
  2. @Jensimagine saying we broke we all know what happened keep it civil idiot last thing you wanna do is flame.
  3. lmfao all talk my guy. i would even drop the mains to settle this wildy c wars wherever u want it but you big boy avoiders
  4. Imagine saying i cant call when i had to carry your shit ass clan and call your own event lmfao stop talking reject
  5. shows you dont even watch your own clan videos lmfao. 3 videos not one with action with bp imagine making a video of one small cluster and the rest your time fight sf and swarm in alkharad. lmfao victims stop talking please and ty. you had what 45 minutes of action lmfaooooooo. stop talking please and ty.
  6. Are you saying you pulled more then 40 today on ts lmfao ? are you saying you forgot to put any video evidence of you fighting bp backing your topic claims lmfao. Victims at its finest. Imagine hiding the the only 2 runs ins we had including you guys getting cleared both times.. lmfao but yea ok
  7. Lmfao fake topic dw real topic incoming soon lmfao. Stay tuned my little apes. @FLOWERremember when i had to call for your clan during the clan wars event way back because u had no one to call for your side lmfao. I legit left my team to call for yours lmfaooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. Not one lil ape stepped up to the task in a 60 v 60. 🤣 Still the same quality now as you had back then.
  8. Another dubski for the great stoned vikings. Imagine using your one leak to avoid instead of hit us lmfao what a rivalry.
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