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  1. The reason why is because you're controlled by a person who comes on strictly to post SB and never show his face otherwise, yet is whispering in your ear not to fight. You can't even make a decision bc you have to run in by your inactive founder first who is never around. Unless that's your call and you've realized you can only compete with us when certain people are on, which would explain the hiding in singles. I've been in Veng 3x, shit aint changed. I know more about your clan than you do Thomas.
  2. Huge 800m, AGS are getting expensive these days
  3. This is why you're NOT respected Sybren. You play all these little games and then call yourself an HONOR clan. I legit respect a lot of people in your clan but you sir, are not one of them. You should try leading by example instead of being a big phony! Sad!
  4. Steeze

    Purge vs IR - 8 vs 8

  5. Nice job and good fight today.
  6. Decent action. Turn off your ground items for vid nub, lol. @Origen
  7. Was a bunch of action all around! Wish Veng could have come out to play! Good job boys.
  8. Good to see you out! Let's set something up soon!
  9. Steeze

    midweek Message to upcoming XLPCS/LPCS

  10. Steeze

    Wilderness Clan Of The Month(Winner) - February

    Was super close! Gonna lay-off and let somebody else have a chance this month.