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  1. Steeze

    pkri Vengeance PKRI vs Resurgence (25 Min Cap)

    Was super fun Veng, gonna be sick if everyone’s keep getting action like this!
  2. Steeze

    weekend Resurgence Vs PR | 30 Min Cap

    good fight boys
  3. Steeze

    weekend Resurgence vs Vengeance - 25min Cap

    Hell yeah, this is how the scene should be! Good fight Veng
  4. FORUMS | DISCORD @Miltz and the leader of Liths got together and we agreed upon a little fight early in the day. Both clans massed up and we were given +2 ops with standard rules on. First round we pulled an early lead before the brought it back. Due to some strong tanking and coordination we pulled away to a massive lead. The second round we decided to just do +1 ops. This round was extremely close with them taking it by 1 kill. Third round was knock out and we met in the middle. We caught multiple mages in robes and smoked them, easily taking round 3. Thanks for fight Liths. Video ROUND 1: WIN ROUND 2: LOSS ROUND 3: WIN RUNEPURE/TANK/MED & LOOKING TO ACTIVELY WAR? JOIN TODAY!
  5. Can’t tell if Vengeance or Apex is better at Hide N Seek 🤔

  6. Steeze

    Paragon's Wednesday Trip

    Lookin good boys!
  7. Steeze

    Somalis Tuesday Rev Caves

    Only running caves when no one else is in them, gratz
  8. Steeze

    Resurgence v Liths | SS 30 min cap |

    was fun. imagine crashing and losing staff btw mfw lmfao
  9. Steeze

    Paragon's Friday/Saturday

    Gz on action
  10. Better than getting on here calling everyone the N word like your boy who got banned... Either way. You see what you wanna see bc Sybren plays games in his own little fantasy. Sad tbh.
  11. Steeze

    Resurgence's EST Booti Loot Sweep Ft. DF

    Hope to see you soon! Thanks for the fight.
  12. EASY AS FUCK!! & NO MAINS!!!
  13. If there was a hypocrisy award, I think you guys would win it! Denying action for MAINS & FLAMING. BOTH OF WHICH YOU DO. You guys are legit idiots man. These excuses will only last you so long.. Think on that Sybren, you blind rat.