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  1. Nos

    Are You embarrassed?

    Why does it matter? Not like people watch mini videos anyway.
  2. Cool when are the both of you going to start having weekend trips?
  3. Nos

    next best p2p clan?

    So you're admitting your dogshit clan can't compete in anything but p2p clan wars? Please by all means do yourself a favour and close and be the dedicated prep team you so desire and maybe I can take these bragging topics a little bit more seriously.
  4. Nos

    next best p2p clan?

    Didn't you try to deflect your clans problems last time we talked? As it stands asspex is not on FOE level. Also you listed beating supremacy in both servers in preps last week as "accomplishments" last time, yet you got your arse to you by them in the most recent prep? LOL Let me guess you're going to try and deflect to me again and bring up shite that is not relevant today to excuse how shitty your clan is doing thanks to yours truly.
  5. Nos

    next best p2p clan?

    Also who gives a flying fuck about 1/4 of the game? Wake me up when asspex is relevant in the rest of the clan events they participate in and then we can discuss about their "dominance"
  6. Nos

    next best p2p clan?

    Speaking about that how is eom? Asking for a friend.
  7. It's clear who's the #1 clan is no doubt. Topic doesn't lie.
  8. I never thought about that lol. Nevermind carry on.
  9. You took the obvious answers out. On this list the only clan that has a chance of staying open is rage.
  10. Yeah I'm not a fan of using LY. Why not LA? It's visually appealing and you can get creative with the spams. Idk but it looks like a missed opportunity to me. Anyway nice action I guess.
  11. Nos

    cwa Rage Vs Legacy | P2P Prep [2-1]

    Sam...What the hell are you doing. This is not a good look for legacy. Good job bears.
  12. Nos


    This is more like it. Hopefully you go through with it.
  13. Nos

    Which clan came 3rd last weekend?

    Unbiased FOE Legacy Fatality IR Rage Supremacy Fearless Apex BP CD The first and last three are pretty accurate but the middle is too close to call.
  14. Nos

    just a reminder how dog shit ir is

    That's not how irony works mate. What's IRONIC is you pointing out how much a clan pulls to a prep, yet your own clan struggles to pull to weekend trips. Also you keep bringing up past accomplishments like it's relevant now. If p2p preps matter to your clan so much (since you don't seem to give a fuck to get your lazy arse off this site to go recruit for your dead clan) why don't asspex become the glorified prep team they so desire to be?
  15. Nos

    just a reminder how dog shit ir is

    Thup? Anyway you know it's true that's why you gave me that pathetic whataboutism deflection response lmao. Asspex new motto should be "all bullshit, no results"