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  1. If outrage "won" the rivalry then you'd still be open right now wouldn't you? Let's get back to reality shall we? But whAtever makes you sleep at night mate. Just remember youre 0-2 against me lmao.
  2. You say while you got your clan closed. It's ok. Maybe you can try again with eom lmao. OT: you know what would be great? If sharkbrew actually made award sigs on these kinds of topics to make it have meaning. Oh and my answer is anything with FOE involved because the clan world is boring af.
  3. If you want to be technical they did close when eoc dropped.
  4. Nobody cares about your irrelevant clan. Talk up when you're out of that slump FOE put you in.
  5. Hmm...is this the legit RSD? Something about that name seems off for some reason.
  6. Fucking epidemic. Now that's a clan I haven't heard in a long time. It had so much potential in both versions of the clan. Shame they didn't last long, but at least they left a legacy and one hell of an impact.
  7. Actually I barely use this site, but since you replied to an old post of mines I can say the same thing to you mate.
  8. That banner is awesome. I like how you updated the one you had from two years ago. It's so good that it's distracting from the actual topic content lol.
  9. Nos

    invite only UwU

    Just based off the emoji being the team name alone this is the best team I have ever seen. This is true peak performance for the pure community.
  10. Lol a team is literally named after an emoji? Pure clanning had peaked.
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