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  1. You would think that when eom closed that the pure scene will finally be cleansed of the cancer but nope its like they never closed lol. Fuck asspex and ir for essentially being eom 2.0 and 3.0 respectively. Fucking disgusting how these two have no personality or unique qualities to them. Same shit, different clan.
  2. Lmao you're about six years late to when pure clanning was at it's peak. Clanning in general has been arse for majority of osrs existence unfortunately.
  3. I mean this is all cringe af but it's well established that everyone who plays rs is some type of virgin, pedo, tranny, thot, neckbeard, autist or a myriad of mental or physical ineptitude inbreds that should stay locked in their parents basements. Stay classy rs community.
  4. Now that's a clan I haven't heard in ages. Holy shite time needs to slow down. Good luck with the search mate.
  5. I'll be honest and say that even though I don't give a shite about misfits considering you did fuck all in the past year, I commend you for taking the initiative and help merge the pure scene and encourage being a 1 def pure clan. I'd be lying if I said it didn't spark interest and excitement in me for the new lpc scene last year (even though it lasted for 2 months before going back down the shitter.) So thank you for that and it sucks seeing you guys close. Shame that it's looking like we're going back to square one and the scene being boring, repetitive and cancerous again. It really do come full circle.
  6. The site is dead and been like that for quite sometime. Don't let the amount of users online everyday fool you.
  7. You'd think that ir ranks would be smarter than to copy their allies in eom tactics of bringing a sea of mains wasn't going to end well for them, but they never cease to amaze me. Good job on punishing those rats.
  8. Eom shouldn't even be allowed to post topics in the pure section anymore after today's trip. If the staff allows it then it just reinforces how much of a joke this site is. Fucking disgusting.
  9. Nos

    Weekend predictions

    The usual. FOE being the best clan. Nothing changes.
  10. Nos

    Favorite fight?

    Damn back when rvb actually mattered and when the scene wasn't completely dead and boring. Those was the days...
  11. Nos

    weekend "We Are Ruthless" P2P Sunday

    I'm very impressed with the honesty and respect this topic has. You guys keep up the good work and nice pull.