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  1. Nos

    New sig for rage

    Grats on the sig. Looks nice.
  2. Nos

    25-30 Def

    You may as well go main if you're thinking of going 30 def.
  3. Nos

    cwa Legacy Vs Resistance F2P Prep 3-0

    Didn't half of them join outrage too?
  4. Nos

    Who would win in a fullout

    Don't think anybody cares about your preps, especially considering this is a FULL OUT TOPIC.
  5. Nos

    EnVy | 50-65 CB | Rise Mother EV

    You guys need to make up your mind. Either you become a clan for the long run or just be an open cc and do whatever you want. These constant reopening every year gets less and less exciting...
  6. Nos

    Underdogs Champions

    Wow I didn't expect that outcome!/s Regardless, Good job Rage.
  7. Lol if you think pure pking is boring then the main scene is 5x worse. There's only 6 actual clans in the main scene while the rest is glorified open cc/cwa/pvm teams. Unless you want to be used as a pawn to spy for the clan you want to join as an initiation before they accept you and enjoy fighting the same 2-3 clans because your clan base their events entirely around their rivals then you'll have fun. Pure clanning may be mundane and mediocre but at least you have a variety of events and clans to fight. But do as you want mate.
  8. We get it. Sup closed IR. Idk why members of both sides are still arguing about a rivalry that's been over for awhile now especially ex ir members. Just move on.
  9. Good job fighting down opts. Keep up the good work
  10. Nos

    cwa Final Ownage Elite vs Rage F2P Prep 2-1

    Gf Rage. Keep improving
  11. I'd be lying if I said I care about any of this shite. Just hurry up and get this terrible rivalry over with so we can get back to a above average scene already.
  12. Nos

    Legacy so innocent right?

    Jfc people still dox in 2019? How insecure of your irls are most of you virgins lol.
  13. Nos

    midweek Vengeance revs cave run in with FO.

    I don't know why so many awful clans keep repeating the same shitty naming insult like it's still 2007. You're not clever. Please be original.
  14. That's one of the dumbest things I read this week. By your logic rage and cd needed to hold hands to fight legacy last weekend.