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  1. Don't think anybody cares. Rage needs the money to fund their shitty mains and vennies that they're going to need on weekends anyway after FOE destroys them as per usual. Nothing changes here.
  2. Nos


    If we're being honest main clans do the same thing too albeit not as much as pure clans.
  3. I hate to be THAT guy but can we get some actual interesting events around here? I'm dying for a rvb return right about now. Make it happen mate.
  4. Yeah sharkbrew won't do shite about this. I'd be shocked if they do something.
  5. This topic is such a fucking joke. The entire pure community is laughing at you
  6. After rage closes again they will go down as one of the most overrated and shitty clans of all time. Wouldn't even piss on them if they was on fire. Disgraceful.
  7. It's the same banner that resistance had. Actually some of their graphics is recycled from res lol. Should of took more time to make complete original graphics tbh. As for who has the best forums? Don't know, don't care. I'd try to be unbiased and not vote FOE but forums are pretty much antiquated. Hard to make them visually appealing.
  8. If I'm being honest the answer is nobody will move up as much as it pains me to say it considering this has been the best batch of xlpc since 2016? All of them are filled will multi clanners with most jumping ship to their lpc clan if they move up and most have that weak mentality that if you're not pulling high and competing with top tier clans like FOE then it's waste of time to move up which I couldn't disagree more. Plenty of clans in the lower tier to compete with and be away from the main cancer whlist also slowly working your way up the ladder. Imo if no xlpc plans on moving up then I prefer if they came out with the lpcs on Saturday only to shake things up abit considering over half of the lpc scene is one server only (which is fucking stupid) and provide more action for everyone.
  9. I'll be honest and say you're wasting your time joining the xlpc scene considering how much of a shiteshow it is right now and much rather you join the lpc scene, but I wish you good luck out there. Welcome back EF.
  10. Could of just reopened ir or cp but hey the more clans the better. Good luck
  11. It's banter mate. Good job on the gwas
  12. We really did demoralised them after they lost that prep...
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