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  1. You're so full of shit and hypocritical it's not even funny lmao.
  2. Nos

    Uh Oh

    Lots of wannabe rot members on this site all of a sudden. Virgins have nothing better to do with their life.
  3. Nos

    Did someone say CD opening?

    This site is so dead...
  4. Nos

    [PSA] Regarding all RSPS users

    How unfortunate. But thanks for the psa.
  5. Good job rageburst. Bringing legitimacy in the xlpc scene.
  6. Nos

    Massacre Returns ~ xLPC

    Smart decision to reopen on here instead of that shitty p server. Gl out there and I hope the others also make the jump as well.
  7. Nos

    [PSA] Regarding all RSPS users

    Lmao and to think I was catching backlash in the last topic for telling people to stop playing a shitty knockoff of the real deal when most of them clan on osrs anyway. It's one thing to play p servers for fun, but don't feed me some bs that it's "better than the main game" exhibit A here is one of the many reasons. I hope this is the last time p servers are revived and finally dies and some competent people leading clans there can move to the main game and we can get some growth and more clans in this small community.
  8. Nos

    RIP nrg?

    I'd agreed with you if the brackets was merged so we could get more diversity in what clans are fighting instead of being limited to the small pool of competition in one bracket. Not sure why this is still a thing in 2019.
  9. Nos


    Wb. Was wondering what happened to you.
  10. Nos

    Saturday F2P Predictions

    This is your answer. Close the topic.
  11. Nos

    BT Black Son Asked For This

    Nobody gives a fuck about the xlpc scene.
  12. Nos

    Empire ~ The True Empire Never Falls

    Normally I'd post some of my anti p server rhetoric, but this is robbyy and iI have to respect it. Good luck on your endeavors.
  13. Lmao all of you are a bunch of hypocritical retards. We've been through this same song and dance multiple times and do anything change? NOPE. Sorry if I sound like a pretentious prick, but I'm just being honest. Until the leadership of these clans grow the fuck up and act like adults that they're suppose to be and not take this game so serious then why fucking bother? May as well enjoy watching the world burn. Tldr? Becoming self aware doesn't change anything. Put your money where your mouth is and make the change, or stfu. Simple as that.
  14. It's pretty clear who are the top tier clans in the scene. Good job.
  15. Nos


    Ah yes let's go play on a server that'll die out in a couple weeks and continue to separate this already niche community! It's not like THAT NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE. Also I guarantee you that most of the people going on battlescape is already in a clan on the main game anyway so I don't really see your logic. But keep being ignorant.