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  1. It doesn't matter at the end of the day because the losing clan will claim they won anyway due to "insert bullshite reasoning here" in this highly propagated driven community. So believe what you want to believe.
  2. The irony of this post considering that your clan hasn't been good since 2017 and that's being generous since its the ONLY year you've ever been more than mediocre in your non-existent history.
  3. History shows that FOE simply doesn't lose rivalries. If anybody honestly believed rage had any chance either you're new to pure clanning or just retarded and need your posting rights revoked.
  4. Rage is a fucking embarrassment. They're a complete shadow of their 2017 selves that they fallen to such lows to desperately try to compete against a clan that's superior to them in every way. You "almost" hate to see it.
  5. Simple math really. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that out.
  6. FOE is winning the only relevant rivalry atm. Rage isn't even on the same level. Apex and fatality is in a rivalry? For what? I swear clans find the dumbest reasons to start a rivalry these days. And idk if you can call legacy and zenith a rivalry if Zenith has yet to open. We'll have to wait and see after they do open.
  7. Fifteen clans but only like 6 of them do both f2p and p2p trips. Not sure if that's something to be proud of but eh.
  8. At this point you could copy and paste the same Topic title to every aftermath since its the same results every weekend. Rage is shite.
  9. The fact you didn't even put effort into your propaganda topic is all the proof there is to how shite your trip was. You'll always be a tier below FOE.
  10. Doesn't surprise me that every new rival is shittier than the last. You can't make this up.
  11. Just when rage couldn't get anymore embarrassing and cringe they yet again surprise me. Hey at least you're past the denial stage and is accepting that your clan loses to a superior clan every weekend.
  12. I wouldn't talk about not getting pussy considering your clan massed up just to watch a prep they're not involved in. Way to spend Valentine's day innit.
  13. Looks fantastic but why a wolf as a mascot? It's generic imo. Could of chose something more befitting of your clan name like a gladiator for example. But other than that the graphics is solid.
  14. Rage is top 5 most cringiest clan of all time.
  15. You have nothing better to do in your life besides talk about FOE 24/7? He's right, you are a victim.
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