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  1. Why bother being reasonable? This shite happens in every rivalry that it's pointless trying to argue for a even sided rivalry without mains.
  2. Wrong capes? Good luck in your endeavours. Nice to see obscure pre eoc clans reopening and trying their luck on osrs.
  3. If Zenith is anything like doom I don't have high hopes for them.
  4. This game fucking sucks lmao. Somebody please put this shite out of its misery. The plugins have been a thing for years and now jagex has an issue with it? What a crock of shite.
  5. Seems Like being p2p based/part time clanning is the new meta. I can't agree with that but it is what it is. Good luck. I'm happy to see new people coming into the community and starting up clans. The scene really needs new blood right now.
  6. Welcome back. The only clan I don't mind seeing reopen every year.
  7. Daily reminder that pure warfare was the best forums for clans of all time.
  8. Daily reminder that pure warfare was the best site for pure clanning. Do not @ me wankers.
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