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  1. Slaughter vs rage. It's one of the classic David vs goliath rivalries where slaughter had all of the experience members and rage had members who was virgins when it comes to pure clanning. It was amazing to see rage overcome the odds and turn the rivalry to their favour and thus winning the rivalry by closing slaughter. The fact that it isn't listed at all when it was one of the first original rivalries baffles me.
  2. Come on mate stop with the propaganda. That wasn't even close to what actually happened. And "quitting" is putting it nicely.
  3. Delusion is grandeur after all. Hopefully you'll stick around instead of disappearing for two years after your last failed attempt to beat FOE.
  4. Heard it all before. When are you going to get tired repeating the same shite for years and still be wrong? Doesn't that get boring?
  5. Nos


    This man is correct
  6. Or just open as an lpc? I don't understand the appeal of wasting time and resources on opening a clan just to close it months later when the scene inevitably dies again.
  7. Runescape the game where adults in their 20s-30s still act like fucking degenerative imbeciles on an outdated computer game. The fact this is still a thing in 2019 completely baffles me. Get some help please.
  8. Damn it feels good to live rent free inside your head.
  9. Good job. Keep up the good work.
  10. Grats on the sig. Looks nice.
  11. You may as well go main if you're thinking of going 30 def.
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