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  1. We really did demoralised them after they lost that prep...
  2. Rage is awfully quiet after talking so much shite. Hopefully you rats know your place on the food chain.
  3. Did you expect any other outcome? FOE is the GOAT clan.
  4. Same people that got outrage closed? Starting to see a pattern...
  5. Sounds fun. I'm also advocating bringing back red vs blue as that's one of the few events that was fun when everybody participated in it.
  6. It's fucking comical how bad fi is and always had been despite being the only other legacy clan open. Good job. Hope to see you guys in lpc sometime in the future.
  7. I'm loving the nostalgia movement were having with all of the clans with name recognition are reopening. First IR, then zenith followed by terror and now ZU? Good luck out there. Nice to see you back.
  8. You love to see it.
  9. Because your leader said anytime? You would think since your clan makes such a fuss about FOE "avoiding" you in the tournament you'd be eager to finally get your hands on us in a prep. I don't understand the contrived narrative your delusional leaders is trying to force here.
  10. Do you have a set date on when you'll come out officially on weekends?
  11. Rage continues to set records on how much they can embarrass themselves every weekend. I don't think any other clan can top this level of incompetence and stupidity for a long time.
  12. These shitters was never interested in prepping FOE in the first place and just used that weak arse excuse last week just to build morale. Never seen such a pussified clan in my life.
  13. This is the first time in years that the xlpc scene is mildly interesting. Hope for most if not all of the clans make it to the big leagues in the future. Good work.
  14. When you say PvP content with pures what does that mean exactly? You'll be doing pure events as a clan on pures or on meds? Other than that everything looks good and wish you good luck. I like the name too.
  15. Usually I don't comment on losing topics but you'd be better off not posting a topic at all instead of producing this weak excuse of a propaganda topic. Quit while you're behind.
  16. Rage should just turn into a dedicated forum clan. They seem to fight back more on here than they do in-game.
  17. I have to say it looked very easy in my unbiased point of view. Good work.
  18. I don't think anybody takes your shitty opinion seriously until your shitty clan starts putting up more of a fight in gAme than they do on a mmorpg forum. That's what's cringe.
  19. Has to be the easiest rivalry ever.
  20. Except the fact that what you say is complete bullshite and biased af. But you keep doing you.
  21. You can literally say that about any clan in the scene right now, especially zenith. I don't think you thought that reply through mate.
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