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  1. Daily reminder that pure warfare was the best site for pure clanning. Do not @ me wankers.
  2. You have to be socially insecure to go out of your way to dox someone on a computer game. Go outside, get some fresh air, talk to some female for once and you wouldn't have to do stupid stuff like this.
  3. Why bother? The time and effort put into a dead scene to compete with snipe teams, you could be enjoying having action in a living scene. You don't have to come out of the gate strong competing with the top clans and can carve a niche competing with clans on your level. This xlpc shite needs to fucking die. Let it be a snipe team only thing.
  4. About a month or so like usual. I don't understand why people keep trying to revive this retarded arse scene. It's redundant and a waste of time. Just join the lpc scene and enjoy the action it has. You don't have to immediately have to comPete with the top clans, but you can carve a niche in the lpc scene and comPete with clans on your level.
  5. Very impressive. Nice to see you guys reach that potential I knew you had all these years. Keep up the momentum mates
  6. Closing for no reason when you was at the top of your game in 2017 set you guys back a year or so quality wise. But truth be told you're making progress. I'm really interested what rage can do when they're in their prime soon.
  7. I'm still lost on how this rivalry even started tbh. Wasn't both clans on good terms beforehand?
  8. Pretty good. Rage always had great graphics, the one with the bear sitting on the throne with other clans kneeling was peak banter. Can't top that one. Although they're in desperate need of new vs graphics though to spice up their weekend topics abit.
  9. I don't see the point in opening in a pointless, dead scene unless you want to compete with snipe teams. But more power to you. Good luck in your endeavours.
  10. Those was the fucking days. I'm happy that the pure scene finally came to it's senses and became one scene but you can't even call half the clans legit clans and are nothing more than a rev/open cc/p2p/team kind of thing. Still, action is action and I welcome more in the coming future.
  11. Youre right. You're not FOE equal. You're below FOE.
  12. I would say it's breaking news that outrage is a steaming pile of feces, but people already knew that development.
  13. Yeah stick to not playing the game then if that's the conclusion you came up with.
  14. Outrage is irrelevant. I'm not sure why people are taking this clan seriously.
  15. Nos


    When are these clans going to do officials? That's the better question.
  16. Never going to happen. If the community can't even agree as a whole to stop bringing mains to trips or strip training defence and keeping it clean, THERES NO WAY IN HELL TELEPORTING WILL BE ABOLISHED. Most of these virgins leading clans has a better chance of getting laid than to ever do anything of the above. It's sad and goes to show how seriously grown people take this old arse game.
  17. Not bad. But you should consider changing those capes so you don't blend in with a certain clan.
  18. I'm impressed. You guys found a niche and is actually improving in this scene. If you can come out on Saturdays and participate in the f2p trips whlist also honing your craft as a quality lil guy clan then I expect great things from you in the future.
  19. Ah now this is the rage I remember. Congrats on a successful trip. However, if you guys can pull these kinds of numbers, why was you so content on pulling 30-40s and being mediocre when you reopened? Clearly you're more than capable of that. I'm glad you're picking up where you left off two years ago and keep up the good work and reach that full potential I seen in this clan for years.
  20. It's going to be hilarious when this clan filled with "kids that begun planning this year" beats your dogshit remake of a clan arse and closes it in the near future.
  21. If you haven't noticed the pure scene has gotten worse over the years. Nothing like what it was pre eoc.
  22. Slaughter vs rage. It's one of the classic David vs goliath rivalries where slaughter had all of the experience members and rage had members who was virgins when it comes to pure clanning. It was amazing to see rage overcome the odds and turn the rivalry to their favour and thus winning the rivalry by closing slaughter. The fact that it isn't listed at all when it was one of the first original rivalries baffles me.
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