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  1. We contacted Legacy for a PKRI since we were out PKing with 15. Legacy accepted and we massed up 18 Shooters to go hit them, We started off down opts but quickly turned the tides around and Peaked at 30 Resistance Members. Within 5 Minutes we had taken control of the fight and had Legacy running around the chaos temple like chickens. We knew they were waiting for some other clans to come, We had them down to 5 members ingame running opposite directions. Fatality answered the call for help and came with 5 of their brainless jobless monkeys to come snipe in 1 item. We cleared Legacy up one more final time and caught a spam. Thanks Legacy for the "cleanish" PKRI BLNT to FATALITYspending your holiday season living in our shadows.  
  2. thank you for the very respectable fights
  3. Can't remember the last time LY won a fight ngl. Gz Bear clan
  4. The time I gave you credit for is when you were +5 when UB crashed, so take the win and move on brother.
  5. I think you and I have different views of "bullying" seeing as you beat us 1 time today, but thanks for the action Fatality.
  6. Big resistance clan. Thanks for action RAGE
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