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  1. I have to agree with these responses, this app seems arrogant. You're acting as if you deserve this just for existing in this community, as a Discord Moderator I had to ask you multiple times to actually be active in your role which you didn't do, responding to me with a backhanded remark about "irl"
  2. nah you're an actual scumbag. get bent idiot
  3. You're all acting like troubled children. stfu and fight each other in game not with irl information
  4. Get applications in for this rank
  5. Smells fake to me, 3 people in a chat and he leaks it and who was in it. hmm
  6. Link the dude using his iPhone camera to gyazo or sharex pls and ty
  7. Pretty sure after Fatalitys Anniversary you guys stopped trying to fight us entirely and focused on the issue with Mains v Mains and CD, Not sure where this delusion of "broken alliance" comes from.
  8. Gz to @Kyeand thanks for everything you guys have done @[email protected]
  9. @Yazyour boy Viikings is great for clan relations mate
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