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  1. Yak

    Victim World ~ ty moi 4 donate

    Link the dude using his iPhone camera to gyazo or sharex pls and ty
  2. Pretty sure after Fatalitys Anniversary you guys stopped trying to fight us entirely and focused on the issue with Mains v Mains and CD, Not sure where this delusion of "broken alliance" comes from.
  3. Yak

    announcement Promotion - Kye & retirement

    Gz to @Kyeand thanks for everything you guys have done @[email protected]
  4. Damn the banter on Ly is ROUGH lately
  5. Yak

    CD raging on discord.

    @Yazyour boy Viikings is great for clan relations mate
  6. LOOOL

    To the Pure community, I would like to apologize for any and all offences I have made towards you personally, I know I have been harsh and even as some call “sinister”, however I have done what I needed to do for my clan. I would also like to call back all former members of my previous clans, and I hope that we can reach agreements individually or as a whole. This is a game and it is meant to be enjoyed and we are meant to have fun with it and take the most we can out of it, that being said, I would like to state that we will keep growing, and we will continue to welcome previous members who were once part of any of my previous clans, and I hope we can work out our differences. If you decide not to, I completely understand, and me and my clan will see you in the wilderness soon enough. - Fazing, Founder of Pure Aggression.

    1. Erase


      loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool hick savage?

    2. `Prod


      Off this man hes pea brain 

  7. Yak

    Lol fatality

    If you think thats the fire time Fi has been in revs in a month, your intel is absolutely atrocious.
  8. Yak

    Lol fatality

    wtf are you even showing me pictures of? We massed up, cleared you. And you post these pictures of another clan coming and doing the work for you, claiming like it was you. It's poor propaganda, you guys are better off not shit-posting these random topics. And better off focusing on your community and growing together.
  9. Yak

    Lol fatality

    You have a picture of when Foe rushed, your video is 1 minute long, you blurred out half your teamspeak, which are clearly clan friends at the bottom. You took a screenshot of Roman saying we had inners and claiming "sent them to inners" Not sure why you're making a topic, publicly exposing yourself for bad propaganda