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  1. warned them out of sko capes they didn't listen
  2. you logged in with another clan there holding your hand, you claim to be #1 you don't even do f2p
  3. Imagine the clan paying 1B for off Instead of Paying another main clan 1B to help Bully Rot into Off flaming another clan the kid put his time and effort into the clan he’s sad to see it go, he’s moving on in life, but yeah I guess he’s the loser
  4. Wrong section I know since you guys went out on legacy’s trip you may think your part of the pure scene but your not
  5. Pulls 7 to a 50v50 most active pure clan my fucking ass this clan is a joke
  6. im refering to Ace and Control Pker both of which are absolute garbage, i was banned because Sko killed you in the caves if that makes me shit then oki
  7. I wouldn’t really plug Legacy as a good rev team or clan to join their pk leader literally took 30 mins to get back to revs and constantly cry’s about dying in teamspeak making pking with them harder than it needs to be, it’s sad that as a member all there newer recruits would rather come out with me then their ranks
  8. 0 proof? I get hit off right after I get banned from Ts after smoking you at revs, not at my house so my IP was only vulnerable to Legacy’s teamspeak but okay will cry more if you guys want to play a ddos game don’t forget who all your recruits like to pk with
  9. Your clan loses and you post the video so props to you
  10. You fought us and lost yesterday and tried to claim a win
  11. What’s crazy is legacy thinks they are aloud to have a trip today
  12. Just wondering where the video of the GDZ fight for R2 was? I can show pictures of you declining round 3 after getting hammered don’t claim a win when you cowered out
  13. Of course the rest of the clan world would if you weren’t to ashamed to just post all 3
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