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  1. Dude

    Excel says hi

    Oh shit gl, do hon0r and niblet still play?
  2. Dude

    i miss xL

    No fucking way, tell B04na 5niper aka DMK F T W aka Elvin, Karthslave33 says hi. Btw if it wasn't him, who was leading it?
  3. Difference between MM and FOE, MM never needed mains or any armor whatsoever against their rivals. Forever #2... Sad to see a legacy clan ruining their reputation
  4. Oh shit I remember this clan from like 2015. Gz on staying open
  5. Dude

    Will Envy Ever Be Able To Compete?

    Sharkbrew posts are often just troll posts, unless you can find a picture of EnVy bringing mains in-game your accusation against EnVy is invalid
  6. Dude


    Pure clanning got weird as fuck
  7. Dude

    Corrupt Pures

    Did they actually close? I can't find a closing topic on their forums, or any posts that remotely hint that they aren't open. Can any ex CP officials that use this site brief us on whats happening with the clan.
  8. @ Corrupt Pures aka 10 years of Slump
  9. Dude

    whos fault was it?

    Hittin and Zeke for banning me from SV's teamspeak. I wouldn't have let my clan died
  10. Dude

    I'm not surprised, are you?

    Tbh if I was FOE leadership I'd try to make ammends asap, EoP is a scary clan to have mad at you