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  1. Ruined the sharkbrew event you’re welcome welcome loser @brandon

  2. You only prep apex and Ir man shut the fuck up, you never have anything positive to say you fucking virgin, a lot of clans want this not just envy braindead freak
  3. Clanning is way too p2p focused we need to stir things up a bit, f2p Wednesday’s and p2p Friday’s sound great to me!
  4. Come join envy brother forums : under construction will be up tomorrow join our discord at https://discord.gg/UQNMnYZ
  5. Who can do envy forum gfx and put it on the site for cheaper than 140$ lmao

  6. Generally agree, this is why my clan stopped posting, what can be done about it tho? What if we assigned moderators certain sections to moderate? Maybe a few mature main moderators moderate pure forums vice versa.
  7. Coming out of retirement to close Ryan the G’s 65th clan venerial, @TheReal @Big Meat Y’all with me!? 

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    2. Fat Boy

      Fat Boy

      yhall follow a leader who dont even care bout u kids. 

    3. HAHLEL


      Don’t let me see one tank btw 

    4. jay.


      shut your mouth you fat sweaty neck boy. @HAHLEL you and your weak clan won't do anything, never have done anything and always been the worse clan since I been apart of runescape . com

  8. This is true. You also have clans like IR who think this topic is about them, but I don’t wanna see their 4 day late aftermath topics lmao it was just easier on myself as a person to see all the clans topics in one place.
  9. I’ve noticed some clans don’t post on these forums like in the past. I was wondering why? Its not hard to copy and paste a topic from your forums to these, and gain a few members, clan acknowledgement, and let bystanders judge who won the fight between you and your rival that day. When sharkbrew was active you could see what everyone pulled etc etc, without hopping from website to website.
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