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  1. holy shit apex beat the game, mains can’t even compete, time to play another game this shit to fucking easy rev. your dogshit
  2. holy shit rev fucking sucks imagine making a topic to 1 item the godkings lmfao rev broken after 1 weekend
  3. honestly if you not bp or apex you doing some wrong
  4. holy shit its so easy being a godking and there is nothing any clan or anyone can do about it.
  5. fi wont ever close but jamz sure as hell ganna slump em up again 😂
  6. this nigga @Danny Phantomwants to be like @DULLso bad lmfao!! ”do you know how crazy i am?” stfu freak your just a bipolar pussy
  7. Who will win? pyscho loser jamz, or Fatality HQ + Sunday

  8. lmfao fuck nox, fuck 2v2’s. but atleast i aint lose 3 preps in 1 week lmfa0000
  9. dont matter your 0-3 this week stop making topics until next week lmfao
  10. lmfao holy shit you fucking suck hahahahahahhaahhaha @[email protected]
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