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  1. August 1st, Return of the Gods Website: https://opclan.org/ Discord: Click the link on site Teamspeak: ts.opclan.org See you all in the xlpc scene
  2. i wonder where NRG were when we smoked yall in a prep, grats winning with + 10 hhahahahaha
  3. jay.

    weekend Legacy F2P Saturday FT Sup,Fi,IR

    grats legacy
  4. we did 1v1 already and smoked you in a prep, you killed 3 people. you need to recruit some more or dick suck another clan, cause you can only compete w +20 opts.
  5. @Dzekowhat you know about that song, bangers respect
  6. dude prep divine f2p empire nigger if you can't do weekdays lets do a weekend???
  7. na nigga we aint prep yet so we both #2 till we prep
  8. wtf i'd close cp to if i only killed 3 people to 2k19 clanners
  9. dude dv kills shit

    1. King of OSRS

      King of OSRS

      just like I'll kill you


      Expect all your clan to die retard

  10. where's 3 hit shoutout with 20 guys?