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  1. were to fucking good
  2. jay.

    Looking for XLPC clan

  3. jay.


    looked ez grats
  4. jay.

    Sunday - Bullying Veng - Ft. AE/JAJA/PD/

    to fucking easy for sovereign
  5. looked like rage is #1 grats on trip ragers.
  6. jay.

    lol ly

  7. jay.

    Massacre Returns ~ xLPC

    hell yea
  8. Interested In Joining Divine #1 xLPC? Pm a Warlord+ Rank On Discord For More Info! Teampeak: divineclan.teamspeak3.com | Discord: https://discord.gg/BJx3DMC | Clan Chat: Divine Clan  Massed up 35 Fucking Divine Goons ready to fucking slay the fuck out of this rat shitty Immortal clan on this glorious Thursday evening. Did 2 rounds since this clan got fucking smoked they ran out from the 3rd round. Fun preps, thanks lets keep doing more by the way. First Round: We won by a lot Second Round: We won by a lot Third Round: they ran from us
  9. jay.

    Feedback on XLPC WCOTM & COTM

    either do a bracket per week for the month with clans like how nfl playoffs are played can do best of 3 per round since not many clans, and advance, instead of worrying about clans farming points. Cause the system now is trash, how is it were 4 whole points ahead meaning we prepped almost twice as much then imt did and won, but still not get clan of the month. System is garbage and new system needs to be placed
  10. tanks don't hit anyone whats your point
  11. how does leaking piles with 5people on top all ready to pre drag a leak my brother.
  12. lol i barely comment on forums anymore, but when i see dumb shit i have to laugh a lil bit