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  1. ly big trashcan luhmao

  2. pm on discord jay#4567 I want prep xlpc vs vendetta I want prep lpc vs Critical damage
  3. damn, thought LY would last, only took 3 weekend trips lmfao
  4. good job onslaught you guys are already far more better then legacy. Pm me next time on discord if ly attempts to do anything towards your clan, i’ll be sure to put them in there place. jay#4567
  5. jay.

    midweek Redemption 20v20 PKRI vs Outbreak 2-0 w/FT 50

    every excuse? you won't prep us on a standard prep day time lmfao your a fucking pussy any day of the week or even weekend pick a day.
  6. jay.

    midweek Redemption 20v20 PKRI vs Outbreak 2-0 w/FT 50

    pick a day 530 est mass. same time rd and outbreak scheduled this event.
  7. jay.

    midweek Redemption 20v20 PKRI vs Outbreak 2-0 w/FT 50

    lmfao facts
  8. Fatality = family grats my brother @Singles Trip
  9. propaganda topic apoc looked like they smoked rd all day redemption asking other clans for 60cb prep, prep vendetta 60 cb cap
  10. rounds looked close gj both clans
  11. jay.

    yo legacy

    accept my f2p offer, lets be honest no-one wants to see us p2p prep so sam shut your rat mouth about p2p first, lets get this f2p prep underway. Even your boy JD wants to see it happen, stop holding back. next week: Thursday 530 mass 6 start 30 minimum
  12. jay.

    pkri Sunday - Fighting ROT

  13. lmfao broke the shit out of sam promote cookies he leads your trips btw not sam, fake leader pussy
  14. Pm a Rank for Discord Vendetta massed up 32 xlpc shooters for a PKRI vs Envy, unfortunately they pussied out as usual, so we tried to pm lpc's for some fun f2p action since most xlpc's are pretty boring at the moment. Shout out to Outrage for accepting a last minute F2P pkri, we fought hard and took the fight with ease, pulling the fight to chaos altar for short regroup on both clans. Fighting again for a few seconds before FOE crashing our fight, Outrage left leaving the 2v1 team on crash to become a 1v1 vs FOE, we fought well at the start while it was matched later losing the fight against FOE realizing they had a big opt advantage on us. After the pkri's, we asked FOE for 30v30 cap ft50's, taking an ass whooping the first round, but nearly winning the 2nd round, we decided to end our eventful evening, and thanks for the action to both clans FOE,Outrage. peace out niggas
  15. jay.

    Scims stop begging please

    wtf lol scims just having a convo with control lol wot
  16. LMFAO YOU SOUND MAD AS FUCK, Just a mini bro