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  1. Ace Krave


    yh fake is no good.
  2. Ace Krave

    pure Big D**k Clan EoP Crushes dogsh*t clan fom

    Wow awesome victory against FOE!
  3. This topic was too hostile against MF
  4. Preferably something new/upcoming/ -
  5. Ace Krave

    xlpc xLPC Legends are back

    Glory Hunter*
  6. Ace Krave

    xlpc xLPC Legends are back

    Yup I made that sexy ass divider gfx
  7. Ace Krave

    That's my Founder!

    you belong in a coffin next to fi
  8. Ace Krave

    pure After literally every. single. weekend.

    IR farms for SUP
  9. Ace Krave

    Ascent Backing Out LOOOOL

    same trash ascent lmfao
  10. Ace Krave

    cwa Awp vs Cp?

  11. Ace Krave

    Guess Who

    oh look the guy who got hacked and cried is back lmfao
  12. Ace Krave

    weekend Hydra's first weekend trip: killed it.

    my horse just took a shit and it spelled out hydra
  13. Ace Krave

    pure clans app

    I do not tolerate scammers at all.