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  1. Touch the wall if you don't mind fighting in singles today.

  2. xlpc 💀 Noxious - xLPC Clan 💀

    Good luck having fun in the xlpc scene.
  3. Intro - Tlow

  4. FOE vs APEX - Prep/Fullout

    I think FOE wins if 70vs70->100 Apex if 40vs40->70
  5. This would be healthy for both clans and the clanning community/scene. No matter the complications/excuses it should happen. Should both of these P2P Quality based clans battle each other?
  6. Looking For A Clan

    All the clans are inactive/dead, mostly weekend based
  7. banter
    Pure community roast topic

    I'm too grown to be flaming individuals, however I got a lot to say about other clans.
  8. Actually u never beat us in p2p l0l
  9. It's probably because they are both 2 low tier lpc clans who can only pull 30 and are f2p based