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  1. Ace Krave

    Yung Wook - Critical Damage

  2. ur re-posting what someone posted a year ago btw
  3. Ace Krave

    Looking for Quality - 81Cb Maxed 1 def

    Everyone knows Purge is #1 P2P right now, join cc purge lobby
  4. feeling cute, might close cd again

  5. Ace Krave

    midweek Team Rev crucify CD 25v25

    loooooool CD slumping already
  6. Ace Krave

    midweek Supremacy takes over the Wilderness

    looks like 5 people
  7. 2yr cd vet deleted teamspeak to join purge looooool
  8. 2year old CD veteran bends the knee desperate CD members name changing n begging to join I don't stop btw no pay for of CD members give free locs btw l0l SO SHEEPISH 3 of ur elites left you in 1week ty for members btw
  9. CD paralyzed rn

    1. Dillon Howlett

      Dillon Howlett

      Maybe one day you can speak it into existence lmao

    2. Dillon Howlett

      Dillon Howlett

      but for now only your legs are paralyzed for being a fat fuck

  10. Ace Krave

    midweek Critical Damage Thursday - Hunting Purge

    topics getting weaker