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  1. kmanester1

    weekend Misfits Vs IR Ft. ~ Big Return Fight

    gf ir thank for the clean action
  2. kmanester1

    GG WaR - former WaR officer

    man thought he can flame me in game and get away with it :)
  3. kmanester1

    GG WaR - former WaR officer

    broken faggot. now beg to join misfits dog
  4. can ir claw its way back in this rivalry? only time can tell
  5. kmanester1

    Df vs Ct

    what is this 2006? 360p video wtf
  6. kmanester1

    weekend 90 MISFITS IN THE WILD | 30 war IN CLAN WARS

    war and fi should close into each other
  7. kmanester1

    midweek Misfits Midweek Ft Vengeance

    !seen war faggots
  8. everything besides this is irrelevant everyone knows jagex doesnt give a shit and wont do anything actually useful
  9. when i accidently logged into your fight i saw exilent feature show me 40 pures 70 mains and dipped. reminds me why i left foe
  10. was fun bullied fi into the dirt
  11. kmanester1

    IR F2P Trip Audio ~ Yikes

    godbless you friend for putting timestamps. i will watch this one