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  1. After our sexy Bee's have been pking for hours starting at 15 and later peaking at 32 we got wind that FI was out in our Wilderness. After a demoralizing Sunday for FI we decided to show them why we run the wilderness. Imagine bringing mains to try and help lose LEL The fight started with us logging in on top of FI in the middle of the rev caves quickly taking control of the fight and pushing them north and catching them in a huge GWASSSSSSS. After the huge Gwass we quickly pushed them even further north while they were chasing their tails, and trying the lick their wounds, but we continued to give them the smokey smoke. Once their numbers dwindled we pushed them back south to where the last stragglers limped their way out to get a tele and save themselves. After the tele FI quickly ended their trip and fight to keep their members from leaving after that demoralizing defeat. After Fi ended we had a few run ins with IR which was a swift clear and a few lucky survivors made it out and either tele or logged. But still put up a better fight than the Shit clan Slumptality Backwoods POV Oi VC POV
  2. Badass Hick

    weekend Hydra's first weekend trip: killed it.

    welcome to the community hope to see you pulling big and competing!
  3. LOL at Fi for trying us in revs GF though!


  4. Badass Hick

    Official "War Pub" Closing Topic

    Sad to see yet another clan close =/ even with the rivalry with MF it was fun while i lasted good luck and join mf for a way out
  5. Badass Hick

    Misfits VS Fatality 12VS12 2-0

    ty fi for the minis was fun
  6. Lol @Elve thinking he could compete with us, close already you rat
  7. Badass Hick

    midweek War hates Monday's Ft. 2x GWAS!

    imagine balding lel stfu you pig cant even keep your clan open.
  8. Big dick misfits good shit today boys!
  9. Been out of the scene for a bit, what clans are still alive


  10. Badass Hick

    pure/midweek Fatality gwass misfits and more!

    fights looked fun good shit
  11. Does anyone still play this medieval simulator?


  12. Badass Hick

    pure/weekend Fatality Sunday - Down 10 no problem.

    Lol at the losing topic I came back to this game to smash fi in another rivalry. Quit trying or you will lose to us again and go back down to pulling 30’s kid. Mf>fi all day. Without whisky your clan is dead
  13. lmfao at the people saying px good bants
  14. Badass Hick


    Dome will not be number one they can have all the hype when they reopen but I doubt they will do anything with the numbers
  15. Badass Hick

    announcement Honorable LPC Clan Award