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Found 543 results

  1. Sunday 16-06-2019 started off with 35 Brutal Stoners and peaked later with 40 Stoners. We had nice crashes and fights here and there, check the vid below! Main fight on Sunday vs Onslaught + DC Mallu pov https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hwHZYhkM9dw&t=5s Monk101 pov https://youtu.be/tKBf2rN8SX8 it was a nice sunday for the stoners i wanna thank every clan for it! Wednesday 19-06-2019 we started of with 18 stoners in the cave and peaker later 22. Cleaned CD and LY and had a good fight vs resistance! They asked us for a clean pkri at Ca, Resistance defended good and returned like beasts! But we outdamaged them and took the win! Check the vid below! Monk101 Pov https://youtu.be/oBx22Po_Vew Thanks for the clean fight resistance! Anyone looking for a chillhouse to smoke? Add RosaLynLee#1219 on discord Have a great day everyone! Blunt Purez out! ๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’š
  2. SupersSmoke

    weekend Team Smoke

    TEAM SMOKE A little Sunday f2p action for the brew
  3. Zoom taking applications, send your resume in and we'll see if you're a suitable candidate ! From our 2 day rest counting our GUAP, we quickly massed up 10 hood niggas on this Sunday Evening to destroy FH/FakeFH/HiderFH/Level 3 Sitting FH/1 bang FH FH Peaked at 4, and got stomped on by BIG DADDY DICK ZOOM lmfao so baby food. Refer to Vid for some Laughs PS. F2P HyBUMS, I don't wanna see you infants stepping into Zooms wildy again @SupersSmokePOV
  4. K1DK0


    Used to be a clanner, quit rs for a while now tryna come back and get back into clanning. Have a couple years of clanning experience just need to find a clan, IGN: Bay Area K1D, still working on the acc. 68 combat ATM but trying to level it higher with good stats. Can make trips for weekend. Need some clan to join to have some fun pking and maybe running into some people that I knew in the past. I was mainly an LPC clamber and sometimes xLPC, was part of EnVy/BV for a couple years and a few other clans.
  5. On this Magnificent Sunday Evening, Zoom massed up 10 Handsome niggas, later peaking to 13 opts to dominate this Snipe/XLPC scene. First Fight - Cleared ATL Matched Opts, GF was fun Second Fight - Immediately clearing ATL, we rushed Bobbie Book and got a full clear (Matched opts again), GF Third Fight - Had Fun Sniping the XLPC clusters which included Rage, SKO, IMT, and XL Fourth Fight - Walked FH to Ditch, Gf Thanks For Action Teams and Clans ! Discord Contact Info - Kold#7902 n uts ack #2574 Super Smoke#1789 Kold POV Shy King POV
  6. Hi, I'm looking for a nice pure clan to engage with. I am a 1 def, 63 cb pure with 74 str, 50 attack, 80 ranged, 82 magic (DT done) and 43 prayer. What am I looking for? Advice & fun with fellow account builds! I seek advice in pking, fcape, practicing pking (duel arena, PoH or private servers), ... I'm mostly active in the evening and in weekends. I live in Europe.
  7. supremacy rs cc / www.supremacy-rs.com / supremacy.verygames.net On today's episode of "Demoralizing our rivals" Supremacy pulls 65 strong warriors to close blue idiot clan IR. SUP vs Legacy Round 1 To start our wonderful Saturday trip we set up a fight against Legacy at 13 ports. Both parties fought valiantly, but thanks to our tier 1 warrers we kept a solid opt advantage. We managed to get Legacy down to 50 in game to our 65 before FOE crashed and we got a regroup SUP vs Legacy Round 2 After banking our Mithril Platebody (G) lootations from the previous fight, we set up another fight with Legacy north of Sperm. The fight moved back and forth from East to West Sperm a few times while the two clans took turns exchanging opt advantages. Thanks to a strong scim push call from our fearless PK leader Omgi0wnu23 we managed to take a strong 5 man lead and ran with it from there. We managed to get 15 opts up before the fight was crashed and all clans scattered. SUP vs Legacy Round 3 As we were logged in to fuck our pathetic rivals up in singles they ran north, leaving us and Legacy alone to partake in fisticuffs yet again. They rushed us while we were getting a fall in towards the north tip of bandits. Being caught off guard was no issue for us though. We quickly got a 20 man lead and kept them from getting any more than 50 in game. They started to retreat south and to the east side of bandits while our brilliant binder squad caught bind after bind. We chased them into singles and took our Mithril (g) lootations to the bank With Supremacy having all this WONDERFUL action, I wonder what our rivals IR were up to... Thieving and kicking innocent members, how unfortunate. After giving Legacy the Golden Dick three times in a row they decided maybe they should step down a few leagues and ask IR for a fight. Our fantastic Intel Operations committee were made aware of said fight and we quickly got into place. We hopped to the world of the fight and ran south into Barbarian Village to hit IR. We caught them in a small building and immediately killed 10 of their warrers. The rest of the surviving cowards logged out and left us to fight Legacy yet again. IR then had a change of heart and logged back in only to get immediately cleared as we chased Legacy and the remaining IR stragglers to single. I guess IR learned their lesson after that, they will never have another fight in the wilderness without Supremacy there. @ham @x poo
  8. HYDRA's 4th P2P Sunday out. GF to everyone it was lot's of fun!! Date: 27/1/2019 Fight's were crazy in the wild & in p2p worlds, gf all! VIDEO 1: VIDEO 2:
  9. HYDRA's 3rd Sunday out around a 50 pull. Was fun and great. GF TO ALL! Date: 13/1/2019 HYDRA vs BP HYDRA vs DT Full fight video Another pov below
  10. We started our year fighting against DT. Had fun. GF.
  11. Big Plague Reapers set out with a strong 34 pull, peaked at 39 on teamspeak to get the most action we could get. Was eventful day with being a big cluster, crash fest but was fun. TY 4 action. 100 in cc that's how you keep wildy active boys. you're welcome
  12. This Sunday was Hydra's first p2p war. Pulling 40+, they destroyed WaR despite them having more ops and pushed back many larger clans. This is why I stay hydrated.
  13. Hey guys, I am currently coming back to osrs, I currently have an account that is pretty decent, though I need to get prayer reqs and such still. I'm 71cb, 40 attack, 99 str, 99 range, 1 pray 1 def. I have no previous clanning experience, however back in the day I PK'ed with friends in groups of around 7-10 or so. Thanks again and have a great day!
  14. ] Massed up 38 Big Reapers, holding 38 for our whole 3 hour trip, later peaking at 40 to take on the xlpc scene and surely we did. Broke XL from 55 pull to low 30 in one fight (lmao was easy) Even tho being up 12-14 combat levels above us and not open TY 4 Action Noxi, RP (Welcomeback), OD and Eom minions ascent
  15. Set the scene.. you're home on a Sunday night inside your freshly made carboard box, cold, hungry and smell pretty bad; using McDonald's Wi-Fi to log on to runescape and get dicked by clans. Sounds like a typical weekend of a Vendetta member. Come over to EnVy HQ where we live in big mansions with central heating, lots of food, and access to showers, as well as the fastest internet there is! Nonetheless on this amazing Sunday EnVy massed up a big 50, later peaking at 56 bitch stealing individual's to do what we're here to do and take out the trash. Thanks to all clan's who we fought, and grats on clans on big big action. Also WAR I'm not 100% sure why you think you're important enough for us to want to focus.. in all honesty we didn't even know you were open until like 2 weeks ago, but ty for fights lol. Our First Fight: Our first "fight" was a bit awkward because I think WAR tried to log in under us with the element of surprise however you do need higher than 0 IQ to understand that you should probably log into singles. Either way some of them logged into multi and were sent to Lumbridge by the almighty envy. We didn't want to fight in singles because we're not a singles clan so we decided to take it to multi where they didn't end up following and stood in singles waiting for the next bus to Lumbridge. Fast forwards to the actual fight, none of the two clans we wanted to fight were willing to set things up with us therefore we stood in multi in hope that they'd hit us in which they did. WAR rushed us from the west and we began to fight. Both clans fought well with EnVy being able to maintain higher opts the whole fight until Vendetta crashed forcing us to attempt a 2v1 which we were standing our ground with until Supremacy and FOE made an appearance causing us to leave the fight. Our Second Fight: Again because Vendobetter and WAR were refusing fights we had to stand in multi in hopes that either one of them would hit us, which worked again. We fought Vendetta west of P13's and both clans fought a good fight, however the victors were in green. Our Third Fight: Expecting Vendetta and WAR to hit us again we decided to spread and prepare to fight north of boneyard, however ended up clashing with Misfits. Misfits rushed from the south where we held our ground and gave them back 10x more energy than they came with, forcing them to run to level 30 and tele out. WAR was attempting to sandwich us from the north however we didn't even notice and continued chasing Misfits to level 30. Our Fourth Fight: Vendetta was trying to Gwas us as we came out of corp cave however I'm 100 IQ and predicted that they'd be there, so we hopped worlds. During that time BP had already logged in and was mopping the floor with them, so we decided to hop back in and re-attach our leashes on Vendetta as they were loose and falling off. We dicked vendetta causing them to scurry and teleport out. We quickly had a little back and forth with BP however it wasn't a fight to consider. Supremacy ended up crashing from behind and the fight quickly dissolved. Our Fifth Fight: WAR decided to attempt to rush us on 25 hills however were confronted by Supremacy who made them teleport out quicker than Usain Bolt could complete a 100metre sprint. We retaliated and made WAR teleport out, sitting many kids as we did so. Because WAR had made the first move, Vendetta decided to actually log in and fight us. Not knowing their ally was forced to tele out, Vendetta made an attempt to overthrow EnVy which didn't work out for. A random rev team crashed the fight bringing mains to the fight therefore we decided to leave the fight. Our Last Fight: Our last fight was with Misfits. We caught Misfits off-guard and ended up fighting, however forgot that Vendetta was in a relationship with many clans, leading them to crash and us attempting to 2v1 before leaving the fight. Thanks clans for the action, again grats all clan's on action and let's continue to have great P2P Sunday's. P.S Thank you WAR for making a whole GFX just to emphasise that you thought us, like we really don't care about you as much as you're making it seem lmao. And Vendetta stop running your mouth and not being able to back it up lmao. Get your skills up not your goofy up freaks. Enza's POV:
  16. On this spectacular Sunday EnVy decided to venture the wilderness again, in an attempt to exterminate every clan in sight. Picture the scene .. EnVy pulled 28 Later peaking at 35 green gang member's to cleanse the hood of the rich and give to the poor. Our opposition decided to make threats towards us, therefore we made sure that we brought our Glocks and Machine guns; we were looking forward to some good pure on pure action, and that's exactly what we got. EnVy will only continue to get stronger, and if you can't beat them, join them. A wise dictionary once said that envy's meaning was: "the desire to have a quality, possession, or other desirable thing belonging to (someone else). Now it makes sense why a lot of you guys are hating lmao.. stay mad was ez. Our First Fight: To jump-start our P2P trip we decided to reach out to a clan that has been in the shadows. We set-up a fight with BP at 25 Hills, where both clan's fought a good battle. We started with the upper-hand and both clan's slowly but surely began to drop opts. As we were maintaining our opts, BP got the upper-hand, and a miscommunication error caused some of our member's to teleport out before the fight had finished, leaving us to drop outs as we held our ground down opts. Despite the outcome of the fight it was fun, and we look forward to having more with you in the future. Our Next Fight: Since Vendetta took the day off to get cleared at revs on a F2P Saturday, we decided to give them a call to make sure that they were gearing for the right event today. After confirming that they indeed knew it was P2P Sunday, we took the opportunity to ask them for a fight, which was accepted. Our fight was located south of fog, and with both clan's having similar opts, the win was up for grabs. Our southside was able to overpower Vendetta's southside giving us a clear advantage with the opportunity to wrap around and get to the centre of the fight. With the overwhelming amount of fallen Vendetta member's south, we were able to push them north-west before clearing them and teleing out. Our Last Fight: After fully clearing Vendetta in our last fight, we had noticed that it wasn't just Vendetta who we were fighting, and noticed we were also fighting purge in Vendetta capes! With this being discovered, we made sure that both clan's wouldn't be able to team without repercussions. We again set-up a fight south of fog. Again both EnVy's north and south side's were strong, leading to us pushing Vendetta north and clearing them once again before Misfit's Crashed. Thank you both VD and BP for the action, hopefully next week it can be just as good. Grats all clans on their action. Enza's POV:
  17. On this fine Sunday, we at EnVy Headquarters massed up 35 scim wielding warriors, peaking at 36 to yet again have another successful trip teaming with action. With people saying we weren't going to take the giant leap for mankind and attempt to do P2P, we went out to prove them wrong. This was EnVy's first time doing such a large scale P2P event and it was most definitely a success. Our First Fight: Because they got a taste of EnVy once, they're addicted, therefore our first fight was against Vendetta. Our fight was located south of fog and both clans held their ground and fought well. Our number's always stayed high and never once dropped below theirs. Unfortunately during our fight we ended up splitting up and chasing different member's of Vendetta, however we came out on top. Our Second Fight: We had intel from the Vendetta member we have tied up in EnVy HQ saying that they were trying to pk without us.. so we crashed the Vendetta vs War fight, making both clans tele out instantly. Our Last fight: We scheduled to fight Vendetta again, with the location being again at Fog. During this last battle we started off slow however gained pace as we realised it was the last fight of the day. We put our leashes back on our enemies and threw our frisbees west of fog where they chased after it and teled out due to being reduced to 0 in game. Thank you Vendetta for the fights. Enza's POV: Tyler's Last Fight POV:
  18. Yes.. we know the topic's late. EnVy massed up 50, Later peaking at 55 gang members in-game and on TeamSpeak for our action-packed F2P Saturday trip. A lot of clans had similar opts so we dove into the action as soon as we could. Thanks to all clans for the action no matter the circumstances. We had fun at EnVy HQ, and hope we can continue to make it the same for every clan in the scene. Our First Fight: To kick-start our trip we hit up Apex and asked them to fight us at Hills Hut. With both clans having similar opts, the ball was in neither clan's court and we saw an opportunity. We held our ground as Apex began to have the upper-hand, however slowly recovered and took it to singles as we were under the impression that the fight was going to get crashed. Thanks for the fight Apex. Our Next Fight: As we were waiting for clan's to respond to us for fights, we heard that Supremacy and Intense Redemption were having a fight, therefore we decided to join in on the action. We decided to snipe Supremacy from the north, however they quickly moved to singles leading us to follow soon after. After we moved to singles we were heading east to snipe Intense Redemption however ran into Apex. We were down more than 10 opts so we decided to keep the fight close to singles. As we were in singles we saw that Final Ownage Elite had arrived to the scene therefore we decided to act. Our Third Fight: We knew that Siege, Vendetta, and Fatality had been fighting all trip, therefore we decided to go and intervene. Our intel told us that Siege and Vendetta were fighting therefore we got involved. At first we decided to get both clan's attention, which resulted in both clan's reacting. Both siege and Vendetta focused Envy however we held our ground and ended the fight strong. Vendetta decided to leave the fight, leaving both us and Siege to 1v1 for a short moment until Vendetta began hitting us from the north. As Siege left, Vendetta then mustered up the courage to fight us 1v1. We fought for a short while with both clans holding their ground, until Eruption Of Pures ended up crashing the fight. Vendetta didn't pull enough to fight us during the peak of Saturday's F2P trip.. I guess merging with clan's to pull 30 is the new meta; Thank you all clan's for the action.
  19. This Saturday Supremacy massed up 55 and later peaking at 60 Supreme warriors ready to kill the lowest tier masser clan ir. Despite having lower numbers than the shit masser clan ir, Supreme warriors managed to entirely rape shit clan ir, showing ir that numbers are nothing compared to Supremacy's quality and organization, ir is forever a low tier clan The first fight started when we rushed ir down 15, we managed to get the fight to matched numbers and then managed to maintain a 20 man lead, ir clueless members were dropping left and right, ir had no idea what to do, the fight ended with ir running away to single and running south to logout. After the first fight ir realised they cannot defeat us even with a +15, therefore they took their time to plan the next fight they tried to resurrect the anti-sup-alliance and called apex to help them, their plan failed and supremacy took over the fight After that ir knew that Supremacy's organization and quality is undefeated. Supremacy went to the wilderness and waited for ir to step out to play, standing in multi in the wilderness waiting for this scared-to-death shit clan ir to hit with +15, but ofcourse ir never showed up. Knowing that ir will never get the balls to fight again, Supremacy decided to take on the competitive clan FOE and setup a fight with them This was the last fight of the day, thanks for the action. Supremacy Wins Again. Videos Ham POV Noel POV Nh ing POV https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xtL0NC5l_6c Pictures
  20. Honestly don't know what to say about these kids lmfao. Killing you is kinda like having to abuse my kids so I feel bad but at the same time you piped up to daddy so I gotta take out the paddle... 70 Abdullah's took the W today after waiting for rampage to step out of 5 fucking wild for like 30 minutes fucking pussies. Rampage don't think a higher pull will stop you from getting railed in the ass by the steel cock of CD. Ask Envy for advice (the ones not in your clan already) but all they will have to say is move out of the way or close lol.
  21. Welcome to the month of Suptember After another successful summer of Supremacy killing shit clans and fucking 10/10 bitches irl during the hot summer months, we decided that the beating we've been putting on these dogs intense retardation and other garbage helpers was just too much. They decided to spam some dumb shit like Phase 2 (obviously trying to copy the almighty Supremacy lmfao) so we decided to show them why they will forever be beneath us regardless of whatever phase they think they are in. Phase 1 Ended with you getting perfected in a 100v100, you giving us 800m, you losing 3 ranks and 10+ members, and your shit clan getting demoralized for the last 4 months straight. I wouldn't blame you guys for initiating phase 2, you couldn't hang phase 1 lmfao. Todays trip consisted of us Perfecting IR in a clean 1v1, slapping them once again near Sperm, fully clearing them once again with ease, and a third time to end their disgusting trip and force them to do a bs fest for action. Also fought Foe 60v70, Ran into Aao, Fi, Eop and other clans in the clusters. Shoutouts: Dragon of IR for shitting his pants We heard IR were hanging around boneyard, so we logged in from East ruins, as we moved toward them they dipped all the way south to CA. On our way to CA we picked 4-5 of these retards off. The fight commenced at CA 55 v 55 and after a good scim push we had complete control of the fight. AAO eventually crashed but we continued our focus on IR. Completely dominating this fight with AAO focusing the mighty tigers, IR dipped north to the enterance of CA helpless, hoping EOP would come to save them, but FO turned up to the fight so it left IR alone running like rats trying to get away from the Mighty Tigers of Supremacy. We dropped them to 30 ingame and Fatality decided to rush, so we left FI to feed off the scraps of IR we left to get a bank. After getting a quick RG, we heard FI and IR were still fighting at Sperm. So we got a quick tele up and rerushed the fight from 26 Hill. FI dipped west while Ir ran south to pond and tried to hold their ground thinking they can withstand the wave of yellow. Instantly we blitzkrieg'd on top of them pushing them to CA where they couldn't gain more than 35 ingame the entire fight. Forcing them to panic and retreat north, FI came around and we left the scraps for FI to handle and got a bank. After a quick RG, FO asked us for a 1v1 south of P13s and we gladly accepted. We rushed the fight 60v60, trading opts 1 for 1. After a couple minutes of fighting we were up 4 opts on FO before EOP crashed the fight and we dipped west. IR tried to come rush the fight and we just laughed as we picked off their shit members in multi, then FO hit IR and pushed them far east. FO immediately turned their focus on us again and we 1v1 commenced again. We traded opts 1 for 1 for a good while before EOP rehit and we all dipped to bank. Gf FO After banking we heard IR's lapdogs Apex were fighting AAO, we decided to pay the fight a visit to remind Apex that they are next after we skullfuck IR 6 feet under. After we hit the AAO and Apex fight, FO approached us for another 1v1. We gladly accepted and we fought south of CA lvl 8. The cape counter showed FO had 70 but there were some lvl 50s in their cape. We fought 60v60 for a good while until AAO crashed, we turned our focus on AAO and cleared them up to get a bank. For our last fight of the day we heard IR and EOP were trying to get a 1v1, of course the big Supremacy Tigers said fuck that and crashed the fight. As we crashed, FO crashed to hit EOP so we were left with IR. Completely skull fucking them to 20 ingame, they ran to SE graves where we took our W and ended the trip there. Never forget who is killing your clan @harmz, you pussy. @โ€ขsix Pov: @โ€ขNoel Pov: Pictures:
  22. SUPTEMBER P2P - Day 2 After coming off a strong F2P performance of dicking our pathetic rivals to begin the month of Suptember, we had high hopes to continue our domination with a nice p2p trip to close out the weekend. We initially started out with 40 fierce tigers ready to pounce, and later gained 55 hitters to slap the shit out of these puny clans. Todays trip consisted of us GWASING 80 IR RETARDS (LOL), A nice battle with Purge at CA where we capitalized on their horrible rush which lead to a massive clump, a shitshow of a stomping we put on AAO at the north side of Falador where they were bent over and forced to kiss the floor beneath our boots, a pretty nice fight vs Misfits up at Falador Park area which resulted in our momentum just bum rushing their spread, punishing Apex west bandit camp while half of our opts stood from single/multi line and just chucked barrages on them without taking any damage back, another fight vs Apex down 6 at boneyard which was crashed by EOP, taking control of a cluster composed of EOP, Foe, eventually MF, Fi and IR, where we rushed the mouth of CA and caught FOEOP in clumps to the south of the trees, later transitioning on MF near 18 ports and eventually catching the rest of the clans in clumps while floating around the minimap. Nhing PoV xPoo Gwas POV You have 80 starting, tele up with 70, get gwased until you have 40 left, all while Supremacy lost 3 people to recoil damage LMFAO. We tele'd out before their last 30~ or so pushed out and were joined by furiously bitched at returners l0l
  23. cc: NM CC | nightmare.teamspeak3.com | https://discord.gg/pr5ASYb Nightmare sets out with 47 PURE Reapers to take on the wilderness with ease. After Rampiss decided to attack our 47 PURES with 20 shit tanks for absolutely no reason, we made the decision that Nightmare's sole purpose of today would be to curbstomp Rampiss no matter who was fighting. And yes, Rampiss, this is going to happen every weekend since you decided to be delusional retards with no brains. No mercy mode on you retards from here on. Hope you don't crack under the pressure lmfao. Good luck from here on out. You're getting camped every Sunday. Chalu's POV: Eztocrypt's POV:
  24. After an amazing Saturday which saw us demoralize our new Rivals not once! but twice!. We massed up 55 Pure Elites Peaking at 62 Green Men for our P2P Sunday Trip. We setup a fight against Apex. They defended the east of boneyard and we rushed from the west. We kept smoking apex who was in huge clumps. Misfits came from the south and focused Fatality, We turned our focused to them and qucikly swatted them off the map east. We kept the pressure and cleared all of Misfits. Once they were gone we went back and found Apex stragglers killed them up and teleported to edge. We heard Eruption of Pures was fighting Intense Redemption. We rushed from boneyard and focused IR who was west. both clans starting teleporting out and we continued to go east. We found Purge after cleared up all the IR. We had them in huge 10+ man clumps. We started killing all of them when Final Ownage Elites rushed from the east so we dipped to edge with our lootations. We heard two clans were fighting in Falador. We rushed and found both Against all Odds and Supremacy we caught tb's on as many as we could and cleared the battlefield. We quickly looted up and went back to to bank. We kept our eyes on Misfits and waited to see if they would go mutli. We hit them in singles and forced them to the bank, We waited for them to go mutli and they quickly did, we followed behind them at chaos alter and logged in on top of them and started steamrolling them. We demolished 25+ Misfits in .5 Intense Redemption than rushed with Final Ownage Elites and we caught both clans in massive 20+ man clumps and completely demolished them, We held our ground barraging them for several minutes while they died. Once they were all gone and before IR re rushed we teleported to edge and banked. HOLY SHIT. We logged in north of 26 hill and found some Final Ownage Elites, we started hitting them south. They began laughing at us and than within the next 30 seconds FOE was gone. We rushed southeast on Apex and as we did Misfits logged in east. We turned our attention to Misfits and rushed 26 hill and completely raid'd and deleted the beehive from in game. We pushed them south and they all died or teleported. We dipped before IR crashed. We kept eyes on Misfits as always, and they briefly went multi and were right there behind them to hit them at bandits and make them teleport to the bank. Your not allowed to PK. I thought you knew..... We stayed on Misfits, they were trying to fight Apex and we continued to hit both of them. They ran into singles. We started hitting both clans in singles and eventually cleared both clans in singles and still had 30+ Fatality. Misfits tried to goto falador to switch it up a little bit. We logged in on top of them and started smoking them east. They mass teleported out and Against all Odds logged in south of falador we quickly turned around and barraged through them as we did Misfits returned and got completely steamrolled. We had a perfect spread and smoked MF who was clumped east. IR crashed and we dipped. Quote Edit
  25. Today on this Beautiful Sunday afternoon, We massed up 38 PrimetimeKillerBeez later peaking 40+ and maintaining 42-43 throughout the trip. You guys took time out of your Labor Day weekend to come kill clans with us for a couple of hours and boy did we deliver the sting. Case and point below: Our first hit of the day was at boneyard with Fatality. We logged in from 26 hill and pushed northwest through them and cleared them and dipped out with their loot before anyone could crash. Gf Fi Our Second hit of the day was against Supremacy just north of Falador. We fought for a good minute or two, but got word better action was afoot, so we dipped out to go resupply and Prepare to engage that. Our third hit of the day was a Cluster between 3 clans in Singles. We Tbed and froze some guys that were trying to bait others in and collected some juice with our telegrab spells, and dipped out after they stopped trying to bait our guys in. Our Fourth hit of the day was against Fatality at 26 Hill. We logged in from the east and pushed into them west, after working them a bit, we pulled back east single-multi-ing them forcing them to tele out an scoring another clear for our PrimeTimeKillerBeez. Our fifth hit of the day was against Fatality and Apex West of Bandits. We logged in from the southwest, and caught multiple clumps with our ice spells and forced many Non-black hats to tele out or die. Fatality decided to connect a 5 man at somepoint thinking that was a good idea :thinkingemoji: . After both clans were out of multi and did not want to fight in it, We dipped out ourselves to get more action for our PrimeTimeKillerBeez. Onto Sixth and Final hit of the day. We Saved the Best for last as we always do. So we Were originaly set to fight AAO in a 1v1 north of Falador. But as we were fighting we got some nice intel from an Officer of ours that a clan was about to crash, we decided to tele out and prepare an Anti-crash. So we posted up in a horseshoe formation on the inside of Falador city, and Logged back in to the fight ontop of Fatality pushing right into our Funnel we set up, and caught them in probably one of the biggest Gwasses in clanning history and removing Fatality from Falador completely. Nice try Fi, 1 Item Scum #MisfitsWinsAgainandAgain Thank you all who took time out of your day to come kill clans with us. This is a time where most drown their sorrows in alcholic beverages, but you guys decided to drown yourselves in the juices of other clans instead <3 and for that we greatly appreciate. See you all next Sunday for more juice. #MisfitsRunsTheWild Videos: @Rihanna Pictures: