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  1. rage+resistance cleared

    easy 1v2


  2. rage shit clan relies on teaming with resistance every weekend l0000l sup will easily kill your clan 1v2, we did it before and we'll keep doing it hahahaaahahahaaha




  4. wat u mean , u talking about us then u say u dont care l00000l niblet biggest pussy in the pure community, starts a rivalry and starts avoiding
  5. they upload footage of 3at telling of bunch of dumb kids to log off their mains wow they really got us l000000l
  6. niblets face when he finds out soup has 70 on teamspeak
  7. supremacy rs cc / www.supremacy-rs.com / supremacy.verygames.net Seeing as Rage decided to have signups for yet another weekend (the 2nd one in just 3 weeks)... we massed up 72 tigers to meet them. Unfortunately, after Rage massed for well over an hour, spent countless hours over the week recruiting, AND posted signups, their measly 53 bears were not what they had hoped for. While we waited for Rage to finish their extended mass and enter the wilderness, we started off the trip by hunting down Foe and rushing them the second they stepped into multi. To our disappointment, they hugged singles and didn't want to join us in multi. We got word that Rage had plans to 2v1 us with Foe, so we were looking forward to the challenge. We rushed them both inside of CA and within seconds, Rage went out running and we chased them up into corp hill where their numbers were down under 30 and dropping quickly. We chased both clans around the cave for a few minutes until Rage ran even further north to ruins at which point FOE gave up and left. We continued chasing Rage northeast of ruins until they realized they were alone and quickly U-turned back towards ruins into single. We moved east to bait them out of single, but they hugged the single line for the next 5 minutes trying to gain some momentum before quickly got cleared and logging out. With Rage spending the next 15 minutes trying to regroup and and plan yet another 2v1 vs us, we headed to GDZ to hit CD who were trying to AC for FI and Apex. As FI quickly dipped and left Apex and CD, we chased CD down to single strip before turning around to hit Apex, who quickly fled. Since Rage is unable to fight us solo, we logged into Rage and FOE once again. 70 tigers swooped in and put the bears and eagles on their back instantly. LY hit the fight about 5 mins in and pushed FOE north, which allowed us to punish Rage uninterrupted. Due to being alone again, Rage had nothing else to do but to run into single again. We stood atop of corp hill and 18s being generous enough to let Rage regroup in the hopes they'd come into multi. Unfortunately, the minute the cubs peaked their furry little heads out of single, they ran straight back into single in fear of the tigers chasing them down. Being unable to compete solo, Rage called FOE to come back for assistance making the fight a little more challenging for us. Even with FOE with them, Rage remained in single so we joined them in single and dropping their members left and right in 1v1s. Eventually, Rage got enough in-game so we baited them back into multi for one last shot. Unsurprisingly, Rage got immediately cleared and sent back into single once again. We stood east in multi waiting for several minutes but they showed zero signs of coming back out of single. Noel: Mustafa: Spray Daily:
  8. rage got fucked lmao! these kids made a topic saying they were fighting "down numbers" when they had 50 in cc when they started to fight l000l
  9. gj killing rage down numbers
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