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  1. i agree edgi is cringe very strong performance, soup #1
  2. Supremacy massed up 34 Tigers for our Free to play prep against Legacy and won 3-0. Ty for prep LY.
  3. cute tournament gratz rage
  4. Alcher

    weekend Supremacy Saturday | Kings Of The Jungle

    ir pulled 60 and ran away from us lmao, they were in single with +10 while we sat in multi waiting for them and they logged out lmao pussy clan sup strong btw
  5. ir and bp so cute l000l you can't win against the supreme gods
  6. supremacy rs cc / www.supremacy-rs.com / supremacy.verygames.net On today's episode of "Demoralizing our rivals" Supremacy pulls 65 strong warriors to close blue idiot clan IR. SUP vs Legacy Round 1 To start our wonderful Saturday trip we set up a fight against Legacy at 13 ports. Both parties fought valiantly, but thanks to our tier 1 warrers we kept a solid opt advantage. We managed to get Legacy down to 50 in game to our 65 before FOE crashed and we got a regroup SUP vs Legacy Round 2 After banking our Mithril Platebody (G) lootations from the previous fight, we set up another fight with Legacy north of Sperm. The fight moved back and forth from East to West Sperm a few times while the two clans took turns exchanging opt advantages. Thanks to a strong scim push call from our fearless PK leader Omgi0wnu23 we managed to take a strong 5 man lead and ran with it from there. We managed to get 15 opts up before the fight was crashed and all clans scattered. SUP vs Legacy Round 3 As we were logged in to fuck our pathetic rivals up in singles they ran north, leaving us and Legacy alone to partake in fisticuffs yet again. They rushed us while we were getting a fall in towards the north tip of bandits. Being caught off guard was no issue for us though. We quickly got a 20 man lead and kept them from getting any more than 50 in game. They started to retreat south and to the east side of bandits while our brilliant binder squad caught bind after bind. We chased them into singles and took our Mithril (g) lootations to the bank With Supremacy having all this WONDERFUL action, I wonder what our rivals IR were up to... Thieving and kicking innocent members, how unfortunate. After giving Legacy the Golden Dick three times in a row they decided maybe they should step down a few leagues and ask IR for a fight. Our fantastic Intel Operations committee were made aware of said fight and we quickly got into place. We hopped to the world of the fight and ran south into Barbarian Village to hit IR. We caught them in a small building and immediately killed 10 of their warrers. The rest of the surviving cowards logged out and left us to fight Legacy yet again. IR then had a change of heart and logged back in only to get immediately cleared as we chased Legacy and the remaining IR stragglers to single. I guess IR learned their lesson after that, they will never have another fight in the wilderness without Supremacy there. @ham @x poo
  7. you have eop in ur sig u talk about dead clans LMAO
  8. someone tell zoe to chill it's only a game
  9. "foe fighting apex 24/7" wtf happened sunday l0l , you saved ir from the beating instead of fighting foe ir was running away all sunday hiding behind apex ir forever shit, get fucked shit clan, kyp zoe.
  10. Alcher


    i confirm, dt slumped ir