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  1. ir bots returning to the fight


    lmao ir bots won't save you

  2. supremacy rs cc / www.supremacy-rs.com / supremacy.verygames.net January 19 2019 After ir avoiding us during and after the holidays, trying to rebuild after the beating we gave them in 2018, it all came down to this day, is this all you can do ir ? ir had 95 mains ready, they paid god mob AND had bots running LMAO Supremacy went out with 80 pures later peaking at 94! you cannot break us ir lmao you're embarrassing yourselves staying open, just close. Today consisted of 2 easy fights, both were similar fights as supremacy had the upper hand ALL the time. - First Fight - We spent over 20 minutes waiting for poor ir to leave their massing spot and enter the wilderness, they spent a long time as they were coordinating god mob's shitty masser main clan to hit the fight, ir paid god mob AND got one of their ranks to lead their fall in LMAO After the long wait the fight started at 13 ports, at first ir thought rushing us with 100 mains at is making them win and they were spamming lines of l0l soon their spams dropped and their members were dropping left and right, eventually ir got FULLY CLEARED at 13 ports , even their bots got cleared Starting: Ending: - Second Fight - After the defeat, ir members and ranks were demoralized, they threw everything they had at us and still lost LOL, fucking shitters bad news for ir members their stupid leader zoe thought it was a good idea to fight us at the dark castle Not only were their bots too stupid to go up and down the stairs, their members also,zoe killed his clan , they dropped from a 70 pull to a 30 pull during this fight. Eventually ir had 10 members left with their stupid leader zoe running away, we quickly killed them and ir tapped out, ir got cleared AGAIN and stopped their shitty bot scripts. LMAO GET FUCKED IDIOTS Ending: - banter - Join Supremacy
  3. ir got their action crashing new pure clans fights lmao , they competing with hydra and bp now , oh and rev warriors L00L
  4. imagine piping up to supremacy while being in a clan whos leader is scared to prep supremacy LOL
  5. Supremacy had multiple clean fights with Fatality, while poor ir members and ranks were lost walking around runescape doing nothing after their failure in the fullout the previous day. Thanks for the clean fights Fi and stay ez ir , you failed again (nice action lmao)
  6. Alcher

    There's just no excuses Apex...

    I can confirm apex had more mains in the beginning, they obviously wanted a cancer main fight, idk why they're bitching about foe anti-main unit
  7. not the best move titans lmao shitters should have stayed in clan wars
  8. Intel tells me ir is cancelling all their weekend trips until the 19th due to unknown circumstances. What do you think caused this? Do you think this is a telltale sign of avoiding a rival clan in the wilderness whilst refusing to fight them in CWA also?
  9. Alcher

    Apex vs IR F2P

    lmao ir scared to fullout sup
  10. 100 mains on bot scripts , lvl 3's on bot scripts , paid shitty main clan (god mob) and ir still managed to break and lose this ngga hotkeying was like "this is why im ir" lmao!
  11. https://media.giphy.com/media/wo5MoJas9ZYZkDx5nC/giphy.gif ir do this and still lose lmao